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HOW TO: Helping with Quests - Screenshots, confirms, etc.

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Quest Corrections


Tip.it aims to provide 100% accurate information, and your feedback and submissions help in achieving this. This is particularly important for quests, as they can only be completed once on each account. This means that once a crew member has completed a quest, we are unable to confirm the submissions ourselves.


This is where you, the tip.it user, can help. If you see something that needs improving, correcting or updating, post a thread here letting us know about it. Also, if you see someone's submission, and haven't done the quest yet yourself, check out what they said and see if you can provide screenshot confirmation for it. Both submitters and confirmers are gratefully credited in the guide!


How to Help


As mentioned above, screenshot evidence of submissions is so important as it allows us to quickly make changes to the quest guides. There are no formatting requirements for confirmation pictures, as long as we are able to see the proof. For help with uploading images check out this thread.


When following a quest guide, submissions may include things such as the following:

  • Parts of a quest that have been changed due to a game update.
  • Parts of the guide which may be unclear or confusing.
  • Better methods for a certain part of a quest.
  • Correcting any mistakes that may appear in the guide.
  • Items that are no longer needed since they are already in your toolbelt (some items are still needed, some aren't).
  • Parts of a quest where lodestone use would be convenient.
  • Images in the guide which need updating (see next part of this post).

The above is not an exhaustive list, and all submissions won't necessarily fall into one of the above categories.


Updating Images


The quest guides on tip.it include images which can sometimes become outdated due to graphical updates. Whenever possible, these images are updated to reflect the newest graphics available in the game. Submissions regarding updated images are appreciated, as once a quest is done it cannot be redone to retake certain pictures.


Images submitted to be used in quest guides should be taken on the highest detail graphical settings: maximum brightness, 4x anti-aliasing, textures on, etc.


Images used in quest guides must be saved in a .png format. They should also not have other players in them wherever possible.


Thank You!


Every submission and confirmation is greatly appreciated, so we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in ensuring our quest guides maintain the standards you expect. Those who are able to make submissions and confirmations are credited for their help.


Thanks from the tip.it website crew.

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