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History Of Tip.it - Old Archives / Forum Layout


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I don't think anyone keeps any archives from that far back. Not even way-back machine does :P



I suggest you check out this topic:



Gives you a couple wayback machine links to pre-04 tip.it.



Also News Archives for mainpage updates all the way from 2001. (They were much more unprofessional and interesting back then.

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Way back in the day (pre 2004), yes.



THE place for all free players to connect, hang out and talk about how awesome it is to be F2P.

So, Kaida is the real version of every fictional science-badass? That explains a lot, actually...

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Your old account on Tip.It?  Or before they moved to this domain?  If the former and you are unable to recover it through email, then you can contact @Randox who will verify a few things and most likely you will be able to get it back :).

"Fight for what you believe in, and believe in what you're fighting for." Can games be art?






My blog here if you want to check out my Times articles and other writings! I always appreciate comments/feedback.

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Im not sure what year it was... 

It was way back when, classic style. I had over 1200 posts but I dont have my old email account. One last note; someone stole my beta name, Gang Sabre.

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Alright I figured everything out, I just needed to login as Fatal Final Acid for this account. Sorry this topic went a wrong turn. Thanks again Arceus!

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