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Away for a couple years


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I've been away from Runescape for 2-3 years (or there about!), have decided to start playing again and everything is completely different!


What are the main changes since then, and where should I start to pick it back up?



My stats are below, I have about 20m gp to my name, full void and a whip, I gave away pretty much everything else when I stopped playing :(



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Well, I wouldn't get too hung up on the combat side of the game right now since it's going to have a total overhaul in 12 days.


Unfortunately, I can't really give you a good run down of changes, since I can't remember what they are, but I can give you some reading to do on some of the stuff that I am pretty sure was added or significantly changed since you last played, in no particular order.

There is also the Evolution of Combat, which is a total overhaul of the combat system. You can read a bit about it here. There is some information there about abilities and effects and all that good stuff that is on its way.

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Barrows before the 20th and cutting Yews/Magics are the first things I can see you could do. You can also do dailies (Seers Flax, P.S. Pineapple and Seaweed, sand from Bert in Yanille, daily spins and challenges, pure essence from the Ardy tasks, Wicked hood runes and pure essence, and more).


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One thing i could suggest would be to even out your levels a bit, that way you can ease yourself into each skill a little at a time. Dont forget to look at the great tip it skill guides to help you. Secondly, I think joining a clan would be very helpful. Clannies can be very helpful with all sorts of info. Try one of the larger, more mature clans, they tend to be more stable. Also they tend to be kinder and more patient with newbies. There are threads especially aimed at recruitment in the RS forums. Good luck :)

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