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Poison's night out ft. Counter Terrorists (CT)


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Poison vs Counter Terrorists



Video will be up soon:



Originally, we were going out in this fine day of GMT timezone to hit our good ol' friend from Blacknights - Elder JR, apparently he's a rank in BK and was helping FD vs Legendz. He was fed up and he logged out. We got word that CT was massing up, so we rebanked/regeared and rushed them.




Poison Starting: 45 opts~

Counter Terrorists starting: 45 opts~



Pretty much was a short fight as CT bailed to mossies as we ko'd stragglers running left and right.



Poison Ending: 48 opts

Counter Terrorists ending: Cleared from the battlefield, camped mossies for 20 minutes




Thanks for the short scrap and shout out to my NBK mates in CT ! :hi:


Pictures of the fight:











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