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Poison vs The Kings 2-0


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Poison vs The Kings







An official from The Kings approached our warlord for a cwa fight, we accepted and it turned out to be 2 rounds. 30 min run in + first to 25 kills.


Round 1: 30 minute run in turrets


Poison Starting: 25 (Peaked at 30)

The Kings starting: 30 (With 2 kills on the start and peaked at 32)



We stopped trying after like 5 minutes and just messed around, we had 2 fall ins and started getting 2 piles lol. Mid way we let new people call with 1 main pile, such as the powerful Devinefate who led us to victory with her voice! After that she gave it up to our ex-mentor of the mighty Collision, Arvva - which forced The Kings to leave the fight giving us the win.



Poison Ending kills: 74

The Kings Ending kills: 48 (Best pic i could get before they all left)



Round 2: First to 25 kills classic


Poison Starting: 28 (Peaked at 31)

The Kings starting: 25



This time, on the rush we made a Venomous Snake trail and rushed them (it didn't go well l0l). Bran cereal led the fight pretty much up to 20 kills, and once again as soon as we told our mighty ex-mentor of the mighty Collision to lead again - Arvva. The Kings left the friends chat once again.



Poison Ending kills: 20

The Kings Ending kills: 7 (Best pic I could get before they left)



Thanks for the entertaining fight The Kings!


Pictures of the fight:











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