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Poison vs Australian Army ft slapping Counter Terrorist yet again


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CT rolling over after getting slapped:




Poison vs Counter Terrorists



Video will be up soon:






The great big Kangaroo from AA pm'd me, Edward:


[00:37] <Edward> lets beef please

[00:37] <Edward> say something mean

[00:37] <Venomous76> [bleep]ing kangaroo

[00:37] <Edward> there we go

[00:37] <Edward> thx

[00:37] <Edward> your shit clan dead gonna die like notoroius killed u deideidie

[00:38] <Edward> [bleep]ING PUMPPEDDDD NOW


We set up a fight with the following rules:



Rules of the fight:


  • 8:00pm est/1:00am gmt
  • all styles
  • dg on
  • corr on
  • 1 hour cap pkri



Poison Starting: 69 opts

Australian Army starting: 57 opts~



We got our piles down much faster and pretty much dominated the whole fight. CT tried to mass up for us, even posted the wrong time on their forums lmfao:




Anyway they were getting slapped even before PH showed up to AC for us.


Poison Ending: 78 opts

Australian Army ending: Logged out towards the end of the cap



After our fight, we were challenged by Pure Hatred for a 5vs5 LoL. 1st time Soraka and Krunal (he's the guy at the bottom) got gg'd:




If you wanna challenge us in a 5vs5 LoL, /query Venomous or Acoma.


Shout outs:


- Thanks for the fight AA

- Thanks for the AC PH + LoL Match

- CT for being the most terrible team to step into PvP and demoralized into a crashing team

- Playpro5 for skipping

- My boy Peck da man!


Pictures of the fight:










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