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Poison vs Wilderland | Poison's night out ft NBK


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Poison vs Wilderland



Video will be up soon:


A rank from Wilderland PM'd me asking for a fight, we agreed to the following:



Rules of the fight:


  • 5:00pm est/10:00pm gmt
  • all styles
  • dg on
  • corr off
  • Matched + 30 min run in


Round 1: Matched


Poison Starting: 30 dropped to 20

Wilderland starting: 20



The fight started off kill for kill until they piled Destiny and he extended the lead for us as we eliminated the stragglers in the back of their pile. They ended up leaving CC.


Poison Ending: 10

Wilderland ending: 0



Round 2: 30 mins run in


Poison Starting: 28 (Peaked to 30)

Wilderland starting: 21 (Peaked to 24)



Wl did pretty well at the start with their massive range unit, as soon as we figured that out we extended the lead and never looked back.


Poison Ending Kills: 69

Wilderland Ending Kills: 43



Thanks for the fight WL, expecting you guys to come back stronger in our next encounter!



Poison vs Natural Born Killers


Wasn't going to post anything about this, but I guess we'll post our night out since Peck da man is my boy!


Poison Starting: 45 opts

NBK Starting: 45 opts



We heard NBK was attempting to step foot in the wilderness. We reminded them that they were still banned from the wilderness. We massed up 45 opts and heard they also called wolfgang to aid them. We took them both on and they pretty much camped and regrouped at moss giants, in singles again...


We were also acing for Northern Gods, who apparently decided to hit us continuously.


Anyway after waiting in multi to let NBK mass up at mossies to muster up some more opts, they still didn't step one foot in multi. So We decided to destroy them in the land of moss giants and they decided to call it off and walk down back to Gamers grotto for their clan wars fight pulling their mighty 16!



















Shout outs:


- Thank you for the enjoyable fight Wilderland

- Thank you for the laughs NBK, clan wars is south!

- My boy Peck da man!

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