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13-Nov-2012 - Dungeoneering XP & Gravestones


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You should really be clearing them much faster though in groups

That was also my reasoning for trying out trio dg. But actually as it was 3:3 not 3:1, it really wasn't much faster and realistically, it couldn't have been much faster because of more difficult GD's and bosses.

I think someone already asked this, but is c6 small solo's good for hunting t11 gear now?

So far after the update I have done 40 floors:

1-17;26-30 c6 1:1 small

18-25 c6 3:3 small

31-40 c6 1:1, medium


So far I am yet to see even t7 items. Regular boss drop is t3-5. So even though my sample size is not that large, I'd say that hunting for t11 gear in c6smalls is not viable.


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I've seen a fair few t10 drops on c6 floors 28-32 but they tend to be arrows or bows that I lack the levels to use, damn you 81 ranged :/ binded the t10 bow for when I do eventually hit 90 ranged though and got a t9 bow bound for use now. I also found a pair of boots that require 90 ranged to wear with 'a very high magical resistance' forgot the names of the boots but they looked a little like fancy boots from Stronghold of security, unsure how rare they are and were tierless.

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I've seen no mention of this anywhere (YouTube,forums,etc) and only now have learned about it through losing full Gano and all my blood and death runes at Glacors.

Ganodermic, CSB, Polypore can all be dropped and retain their charges and did so in the old grave system. Without any warning or mention of this in patches they now are cleared when taken out of the new grave interface. :\


Seeing a lot of other people confirm this as well. Pretty scary...


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Meh, I don't see the big deal, other things degrade on death so yeahhhhh

I think it degrades completely.... because flakes are a drop from the highest level slayer monster and it requires 7500+ of them to fully repair a set. Also mind you they are about 260 gp each making the repair cost over 2m. Ball parking it of course. Also the surgebox stores something like 5k casts which is about 7m in runes if I remember correctly.

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This only happens if you have the item dropped in the grave, right? I suppose you should always keep ganodermic as part of the three (preferably four) items kept on death to make sure you don't lose the charges. Better yet, don't die with them. Look at that defence, I mean how could you die unless you got careless?







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Yea, it only happens if you drop in the grave....



another interesting thing, accordingly, if you die at corp and dont protect gano, it is NOT degraded to zero, remains untouched, meaning this is most likely a glitch......

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