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25th hour

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I had to write about this, I just watched it and it's something incredible, it really touched me.

Edward Norton's acting was great, and the whole plot was REALLY intense, it got me the whole time, and will probably torment me for a while.

The trailer doesn't make it justice (to me at least), as it's a very deep and dramatic movie that deserves a lot, quite a unique story.


Have you watched it? If you haven't, you really have to watch it, and if you did, what are your impressions?

My Runescape Toolkit Client


Skill data handling: 100% (for now)

Skin system: 80%

Script system for user made addons: 20%

Data (will add methods to retrieve it online, but for the features I want to add, like advanced skill/profit calculations, I need to have it all at hand at anytime):

Item database: 0%

Skill database: 15%

Bestiary: 0%


Grand Exchange support: 100%

Highscores support: 100%

Calculator support: 100%

Skill support: 80%

(All the stats showed are provvisory, further updates to my client might affect progress on those fields)

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I saw it quite some time ago. I thought it was pretty good, but Edward Norton has many more better films. I remember the rant he has on stuff well. I thought it was quite well done, even if I can't really remember what it was about.




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I haven't watched that in years. It was pretty good, PSH is awesome as well as Norton.



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