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Poison's night out - The final cluster of Runescape 2


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My boy Peck da man:









So with 2 weeks notice of the EoC launching. Cera from Violent Resolution set up a world war cluster that involved all rsc clans invited. We gathered up all Poison members along with EX Poison members that we invited. Along with 10~ Legendz members that wanted to come with us. They showed up late coming from a war but they didn't have too much showing up.



Poison Starting: 105+ starting



Considering our size, we were one of the few clans that decided to start earlier than most clans. Since it was only Forsaken+Genesis, Violent Resolution and Divine Forces were in world 11. We went to world 17 to see who was around, sadly nobody yet. After a 15~ minutes of walking around we found Genesis and battled it out for a good 10 minutes, this is after Forsaken had ended. Fools decided to come in the picture and Genesis disappeared, we then fought Fools for a good 20 minutes until NBK+CK+CT rushed us. Fools also disappeared. We dedicated the cluster in this world only to target the ones we were hunting. NBK+CK+CT decided to have a joint pk trip. We knew what we had to do and we did it, we were dismantling the 3 groups in 1 at the same time. Eventually The Kings came into the picture but disappeared fast. Downfall and Collision decided to come in the picture, the numbers came too much for us this time and we were losing our own numbers as our TS numbers were being dropped gradually while being targeted the most. Critical Damage, Pure Hatred and Divine Forces, Solace, The Titans also came into the cluster. This is when the cluster actually started. After several hours of Poison being out, we decided to call it a night with the great action and domination we had done considering it went from a 3vs2 to a 5vs2.


Thanks to all clans that got involved! Was honestly expecting more clans to show up for this final cluster of rs2.


And lastly, thanks to all ex-poison + Legendz Members that showed up, we appreciate it and hope you had as much fun as we did! :thumbsup:


Pictures of the fight:



Poison vs Fools:





Poison vs Genesis:




Poison vs NBK + CK:








Poison vs Downfall:




Poison vs The Kings:





Poison vs Collision:





Personally, all of us had fun so once again thanks for the multiple scraps! :thumbsup:

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