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Some buttons not working


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Quite a simple problem here (I hope).


I've only discovered this problem on one site. The buttons in articles on the 'Gamesradar' website do not seem to work. For example, on this page http://www.gamesradar.com/wii-u-virtual-console-games-download-day-1/ attempting to go to the next page does nothing. Normally, and on other browsers, it will go to the next page in the article or the next picture, but currently it seems to do nothing.


I'm using chrome, and have tried it in EE and works fine. It is the same for all the articles on that site, and only the 'next' and 'previous' buttons.

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Chrome has some issues with certain implementations of javascript. Not much you can really do about it other than wait for them to sort it out in an update.


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You could write a script that looks for the code on their site that chrome can't read and replaces it with some that it can. You just add the script as an addon (I have one that turns qfcs on the rsof into hyperlinks).

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