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HaVok: Old School Skillin' and Killin'

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Spending more and more time contributing to your clan's citadel, or meeting activity requirements? Do you find yourself missing the days of old school skilling and killing? Looking for a group of people who are looking to put the fun back in Runescape?


Well look no further!!


HvK-Gaming started as Clan HaVok in 2005. A clan known for hardcore skilling and killing, we are credited with having discovered and exploited the wilderness agility arena luring technique that wreaked HaVok on old school clans like Damage Inc for weeks.


Over the years we have made changes and expanded into other games. Our main goal has never been to be competitive, but to have fun without the seriousness of most clans. We have always trusted our members to speak their minds and give us their opinions rather than to force our rules on them. We simply ask for respect and common sense throughout our community.




140+ Combat

1400+ Skill Total


Pure skill [bleep] welcome! Also .. with the EoC and the shift in combat levels, we are definitely still working this requirement.




WE ARE SMALL RIGHT NOW! HvK is in the beginning phases of making a comeback ... which means plenty of opportunities for players to make a name for themselves! Give us a chance, you won't be sorry.




We are looking for people with great attitudes who want to have fun. HvK does not have a Clan Citadel and there are no plans in the immediate future to create one. Our goal is to take our time putting together a solid group of talent and then slowly build back up from the successful leadership base we created years ago.


Old school skilling and killing? No overblown clan activity requirements? Weekly events and good friends plus the opportunity to play other games? If that's what you're looking for, that's what you'll find in HvK.




- we maintain a separate Enjin site with forums

- we maintain a super active TS Three server

- we support many other games!

- clan leadership has been contributing to the RS clan community since 2003




Please message me here or in game .. ArrGee :)blk.gif

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