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Questions on EOC setups.


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I have a few questions concerning my setup in Evolution of Combat.


My account stats are 99 range, 99 mage, and 95 defense, and fairly low attack and strength.


I have been using Ganodermic for mage, with master wand, arcane spirit shield, and arcane stream.

What spells are the most effective?

Are Barrows Gloves still the way to go?

Should I continue using wand? Or is it better to switch to SoL or polypore?


As for range, I still do not know what gear to use. I can't afford pernix quite yet, and it doesn't seem worth buying armadyl over karils for a little prayer bonus.

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For Mage I think Master Wand and Ganodermic are the best things you can use. Master Wand has a lower damage bonus than Polypore staff, but it's faster, one-handed, and has magic crit bonus.

Nothing has better Magic crit than Arcane Stream, not even Saradomin's Hiss I believe.


For Range, you better get Karil's stuff, it has same bonuses as Armadyl, but the Prayer (anyway the Prayer Bonus doesn't justify the price).

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Switch to a SoL or Polypore. Staves are vastly better than wand+book due to the fact that the damage boost of staves outweighs the speed of wands. Since it boosts your abilities' damage too, and you can use those regardless of your weapon's speed.


And only use a shield if you're having trouble surviving.


I'd use Divine storm, but i have no idea how good the polypore spell is. I'm fairly certain that DS is better, though. It's a more affordable and less powerful version of SoA.


Barrows gloves are still pretty good unless you want to buy the respective nex gloves, or have the Dominion tower gloves.


Karil's is the way to go for Range. But be forewarned that it degrades MUCH faster now and costs more to repair. However, it would still take hundred(s) of repairs to equal the price of Armadyl.


Remember though that the EoC has just been released, and the meta-game community still has yet to come out with solid factual numbers on everything. So this advice should be taken with a grain of salt ;)

Hexiled Razz. Player since March 8th, 2005.

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I tried using an SoL in place of my wand shield combo and found kills were faster, but I also needed to heal a LOT more. For PvP wand and shield seems to be the go. I've also been having great success with Divine Storm, I'll have to quest to see how it compares to arma storm.


For range I got Karils and Crystal bow, which seems to work well. I'm not far off getting a Chaotic Crossbow to try out though.

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