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Some questions relating to EoC update

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As the title suggests, here are some questions about the Evolution of Combat:


1. Is it still worth getting 95 Prayer for Torment? I don't know whether the bones are dropping in price because of less people willing to train prayer or if its because of bots. Either way I may take advantage of the bones low prices!


2. Are extreme potions/overloads still effective?


3. Has Slayer been adjusted for faster or slower experience? I know kills are MUCH faster now but I heard there has been drastic reductions to the exp they give when slayed.


4. Which items have had the most drastic price increase/decrease?


5. Which items are now better or worst after the EoC changes?


6. Are chaotic weapons still effective?


Thanks in advance!

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1. Yes, Turmoil, Anguish and Torment are now working better(than in beta) and give a significant boost.


2. Yes.


3. Some tasks are faster exp and some are just bugged/unchanged and low.


4. Can't help you with that. Everything has changed though.


5. Zaryte, Crystal bow both became very good. Cls is now actually useful. Barrows and GWD armors are now the same tier(same bonuses) but Barrows repair prices have been increased. Magic is now a great combat style so mage gear(especially virtus) is going up in price. Glacor boots are now top tier boots. Ganodermic is 2nd best tier mage armor(after virtus) but it doesn't have the same uses as before - can't use it for meleeing Corp or other things where magic soak was needed.


6. Yes, they're currently the top tier weapons. Upcoming Player owned Ports update is supposedly bringing even better gear though.


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