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So, I was sorting out my garage........


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And I came across a box full of various staff only items I had acquired during my time at Jagex.


I was going to just throw them away, when it dawned on me that to some people these may be collectable or a piece of the game they love.


I encountered many people from the community during my time there that would have loved such an item.


So....... after some consideration and speaking to some HLP etc. I decided to come here. (Hoping I am not breaking any forum rules, as no disrespect is meant)


This post is purely to gauge if there is any interest in such items here, to which all proceeds will go to disadvantaged children.



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Kinda pointless asking to gauge interest while not mentioning anything of interest.

I wouldn't care about a pen with Jagex written on it, I might care about original artwork etc.

Check it out, huge amount of effort has gone into this massive mod!


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Do they have RESTRICTED or CONFIDENTIAL written at the top of each page?




As long as its not breaking some contractual laws with Jagex then by all means you are allowed to post pictures as long as they aren't offensive.


They are not confidetial or restricted, no original Artwork. Possibly some published artwork.


Items include Hoodies, T-shirts (Many of which were only for staff 'Jolly' events) Runefest 2010 items and also rare 1,000,000 members party memoribilia.


I'm still finding items.

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To be honest, we've never had a case like this before. So this will be a...new experience, to say the least. :P


I've spoken with an administrator and a few other moderators and the decision was made to allow this topic to stay open if you can at least verify ownership of those items. If you could take pictures of them, instead of just the ones you've found on Google, that would be great. Unfortunately, without those I'll have to lock the topic.


Just as a note to our members: buying online can have some inherent risks and if you do this, make sure you arrange it on a verified site like eBay with a purchase/selling agreement to ensure you get the items you were promised (and the seller gets the money they were promised!)


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I have taken a picture of the 3 items stated above, but am not sure to get it on here, my forum usage is not up to scratch.


I hope this will legitimise my claim taking pictures of all these items might take a little while lol.


What I'm requesting is that you actually take a picture with a digital camera/cellphone with a camera/or a film camera and scan it. Once you have the file, use an image uploading site like www.imgur.com to upload your pictures. Then take the URL provided once uploaded and post it.


Use the following tags to get your image to display:


[img=your url here] 


As mentioned previously, without those I will lock this topic and I strongly discourage attempting to arrange a sale/purchase before these pictures have been provided. :)


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He's got pictures already, just unsure of how to upload them to an image hosting site.


You could use http://imageshack.us/ or imgur like Kimberly mentioned to upload those photos. Copy the image codes you're given and paste 'em here.


Didn't Mod Timbo teach you?! lol.


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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Does the JMods shirt get you a gold crown in game?



99 dungeoneering achieved, thanks to everyone that celebrated with me!


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