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It will always be reliable as long as you do it properly. That's the hard bit lol

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The basic concept is:

1. Buy an item for above the average price to see what people are selling for.

2. Sell that item below market to see what people are buying for

3. Buy the item for a few more than the other buyers

4. Sell the item for the same or 1 gp less than the other sellers


I used that for barrows, god wars, and various potions and made about 200m from 18m a year or two ago.


As far as item, I would wait until prices stabilize. My SGS was 30m street one day, three days later it was down to 15m.


You can try and find reliable friends chats for margins or find them yourself. Keep in mind, if margins are announced in a friends chat, its a good possibility more than one person there is going to screw with the prices to gain an advantage.


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