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Simple suggestion.


Make an option under advanced search to search for npcs with specific weaknesses.


For example:


Looking for npcs with a "stab weakness" or "Earth spell" weakness to train with a rapier or ancients. Searching would give a list of npcs with that weakness, and other variables of course, if chosen.


Very simple and would be useful with the new combat system.

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Definitely a good idea though no doubt there is much to be done before hand in actually obtaining all said weaknesses and finalising wtf to do where Jagex has taken previously identical monsters and given them differing weaknesses in differing locales. As the solution thus far, whilst serving to get the info out there, doesn't seem very polished or final. (Seeing as the 'weakness' category gets 1 of them at seeming random whilst exact location specific weaknesses are just appended in the location section where applicable).


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I was just using guthans on hellhounds for slayer, in combo woth korasi/defender slayer helm... as I have been doing forever... It was painful how innacurate the attacks were.


I decided to test out that Dharoks everyone is raving about (I bought 10 sets just cause they are rising like crazy, already made 20m) I knew from Dharoks in the past that it could hit hard... 40's 400's now 4000's But a combination of Hellhounds being weak to slash, my hp down to 1000 from 8000, momentum, and dharoks resulted in one hitting 75% of the hellhounds, 2 or 3 hitting the rest.


This system is insanely unbalanced, I was dishing out the same carnage with polypore staff, since its based on mage level and I was attacking an npc weak to Air spells.


It seems there is no middle ground between taking forever with something the npc is not weak to, and using its weakness... combo'd with things like dharoks, polypore, wands, dual crossbows... it just gets insanely out of hand.


I dont think they should nerf the OP items, but they should increase some npc's hp, as well as make it better for some other forms of combat. I found a few "secret" weakneses, like black demons were destroyed when I used polypore on them as well, but guthans/dharok/korasi/whip did nothing to them.


Though this belongs in the runescape suggestions now, lets just stick to adding a weakness slot, the player contributed updates to the bestiary could update changes rather quickly if jagex changed weaknesses around.

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