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Path of Gloupgire Puzzle Help

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The machine puzzle is driving me crazy. I tried hundreds of times and it still doesn't work! Can anyone figure it out? 9588740.png?789

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Orange pentagon = 2*5

Orange Sqaure = 2*4

Top combo = 18


Green pent = 4*5

Lower combo = 20


Only 1 way to get 18 in this puzzle is 3*6.

Purple is 6, triangle is 3 purple triangle = 18


For the 20

2 orange pentagons would work (2*5 + 2*5)

1 red pent and a yellow pent (1*5 + 3*5)

Yellow square and orange square would work (3*4 + 2*4)

Probably a few more too but I cba to work em out.


But looking at your inventory you already have purple triangle, red pent and yellow pent so that'd be fastest route due to no swapping needed.

The trick to these puzzle is basic math. Red through violet are 1-7 and the shapes run 1-5 based on the number of sides. colour*sides is the overal value of the token. You just have to use the slots provided to match the value shown.


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