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I've been away from the game for quite some time and have finally achieved 91 herblore. Can someone please tell me how to use them in the context of bossing such as bandos? What should I bring to counteract the effects of the health depletion?


My stats:


99 Attack/Strength/Mage/Range/Constitution

95 Prayer

81 Summoning

91 Herblore

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Drinking a prayer renewal + overload at the same time will give you a better idea of how many kills the overload will last. The prayer renewal lasts the same time as an overload, but has a 30 second warning before its effects disappear. Normally your potions will last about 2 kills with your stats. 3 if you're lucky and quick with your kills.

Hexiled Razz. Player since March 8th, 2005.

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