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Scroll Data (Player Owned Ports)


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Here is the interface for the scrolls you can obtain as well as a list of each one and what it contains.


Pulled from the Captain's Log:






Log Splitting:

Imparts a chance to split a log as you chop it, converting the log into additional Woodcutting experience. (0 / 4)


Rock Crushing:

Imparts a chance to crush ore as you mine it, converting the ore into additional Mining experience.


Tree Shaking:

Additional birds' nests drop from trees; occasionally implings too.


Gem Finding:

Imparts a chance for high-level gems to drop while mining.



Steal life from enemies with every melee hit.



+3% critical hit chance with melee attacks.



Adds extra elemental damage to every magic hit.



+3% critical hit chance with magic attacks.



Adds a chance to cause bleed or poison to every ranged hit.



+3% critical hit chance with ranged attacks.



Rocktail soup:

Heals 2100 life points, up to 110% of maximum.


Tetsu Armour:

Tetsu helm - Level 85 melee helm

Tetsu laminar - Level 85 melee body

Tetsu legplates - Level 85 melee legs


Death Lotus Armour:

Death Lotus Hood - Level 85 ranged helm

Death Lotus Chestplate - Level 85 ranged body

Death Lotus Chaps - Level 85 ranged legs


Seasinger Armour:

Seasinger's headband - Level 85 magic helm

Seasinger's robe top - Level 85 magic body

Seasinger's robe bottom - Level 85 magic legs


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Sea Singer (mage armor) scroll voyage with the whaler




You can switch which scroll it is with the port management screen even if you already have the voyage available.


Death Lotus (range armor) scroll voyage:




Scrimshaw/rocktail soup scroll voyage (they all have the same appearance in the voyage menu):




EDIT: The last two pictures have the wrong voyage selected but the description and requirements are the same as the first one.

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