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Hey well, if this seems a bit off or if it doesn't make sense then please forgive me, I have a really bad ear infection that is causing me issues x.x


Any who on to topic;


As a coder I am, I noticed that when searching for something IE: "Sinew " without quotes of course, but notice the space, well when ever that type of search is performed it turns up with no results, so my suggestion is to add a trim to trim off any spaces that are obvious, or make the search engine a little less aggressive in its searching function, because this will probably cause a lot of confusion, or inconvenience.


So say for example if this isn't clear enough;


If someone searches for like again "Sinew " with space it should trim away the space, but on another note if it's something like "Air Rune" then for obvious sakes it shouldn't trim :P I know for a fact that there is a PHP function being trim($variable), so it should at least be doable.


Any who if this could be done then it'd be highly appreciated :)


P.S. If this is the wrong area to be posting this then I apologise in advance.

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I agree this would be useful because every time I've tried to use the search it basically doesn't work :P I agree if you use the trim function it will only take off leading and trailing spaces so you should be fine


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