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How to turn the QBD into a joke


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Minimum requirements:


80+ Magic

70+ Defence

40+ Prayer




95+ Magic

70+ Defence

70+ Prayer


Gear and Inventory:




The aura used is Penance.




First three phases:


The moment you go in, use Penance, take a sip of Antifire and your magic potion. Activate Protect from Range, and Augury if you have it. Move to the left of the middle artefact for the first three phases. Get enough Adrenaline to use Momentum for the first 3 phases.


When the QBD uses her fire wall attack, switch to your wand and Dragonfire shield. When the attack is over, switch to your staff. And so on.


To deal with the tormented souls for the first three phases, run right through them the moment they say something. That will force their attack to hit them rather than you. Make sure to kill the worm this phase as well, since this phase is easy.


Last phase:


Use the same strategy as you would with the wand, shield and fire wall in the first three phases.


Hang out on the sides of the area; the QBD's extreme fire breath attack is dangerous even with the Antifire and DFS. Once the QBD gets to half health, or changes her carapace so that she becomes vulnerable to magic, just stop using Momentum and unleash everything you have on her. Ignore the worm this phase.


When you get to the fourth phase, don't bother with running through the tormented souls. Just focus on killing them with your staff.

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