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Another Nail in the Coffin


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I can't really comprehend the problem with Savage Worlds to be honest.


The only criticism I have really had is Retech's: "You fail 10% of the time", however rolls are only made if something is meant to be a challenge. The best rider in the world does not fall off 10% of the time, he falls off 10% of the time when something is making him fall off. Likewise, you will raise 50% of the time meaning you will be able to do something amazing.

Really though, this is a part of RPG's and if there is no need to roll then I am not adjusting challenges appropriately although this is probably due to imbalance (+20 perception on level 6s doesn't happen - so the rules don't work unless everybody optimises to a similar level)

There's also righteous rage and bennies, which are like FATE points given at the start of every session.



"Rules aren't easily accessible"

Wrong. The quick start guide to the rules is 10 pages. the rules are simpler than D&D.

Also there's an SRD: http://savagepedia.wikispaces.com


I would have thought you would have preferred SW over D&D since it fixes all the things you didn't like: Vancian Casting replaced with rechargeable mana and rules hindering RP.






Alg, it's probably because I changed it to multiple choice and added 40k to the mix. Revote if you would like.


Bear in mind what I have said in the last two posts please.


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Now the option I was going to vote for is gone (no preference). :razz:


I'm fine with any system, as long as you actually have a plot in there somewhere. If you put the story in our hands, you'll get powergaming. There's really no other way to say it. It's not the system (though some systems make it easier than others, whether because of freedom or familiarity), it's this group.

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I agree. The tendency to powerplay was prevalent in pretty much all games past hegemony, although it doesn't help that a system rewards it as much as D&D does.


Another issue is having the party split up permanently because it just leads to unequal wealth distribution and difficulty creating stories that impact people. Furthermore, it's like two separate sessions. I'm not fully objected to it, but I think it's a big contributor to sessions wearing out.


You, Archi, Nex, Rowmin have said they are no preference.

Mather, Retech are determined to stick with D&D.


Mather criticised the system as soon as I mentioned a change, so he is just opposed to change.

Retech is arguing a flawed cause.


It's probably better to lose one or two players than continue with the recent abominations of sessions that have happened which weren't fun for anybody.


I have exams for the next week, so we will resume on the 19th.


Talk to me if you need help with character creation.


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No, I'm against any system that requires reading the source material. Pathfinder is good because all the information is readily available in an easy format on d20pfsrd.

Thus Dungeoneering is ideal, Pathfinder is good and D&D would work, but I'm not familiar with it.





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For reference:


Race: Medieval Fantasy or Refluffed other. Elves are unplayable. Barbarians are playable but it will oppression simulator 2013.


Barbarian stats: as Rakashan, except begin with d6 vigor. Their hated race is humans.



500gp starting wealth


5 points for attributes

15 skill points


Four edge and hindrance points if you take default three (1major,2minor)


Four Advances


Humans get a free edge, other races with zero.

You can buy races with your hindrance points (two each) and then with your advances you can buy four extras, if you wish to spend that on edges.


Characters are seasoned.




Character creation Summary




Except with four advances.



Don't write a backstory, I will do the session first.





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It's the only magic that does not require spell lists.




Trying to create NPC sheets for plot-important NPCs, something like this will be the picture:



I'm just looking for ways to add crowns and hats onto it while keeping the same sort of sketchy aesthetic.


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Arcane Background

(Ritual Magic)

• Arcane Skill: Ritualism (Smarts)

• Starting Power Points: 5

• Starting Powers: 3

• Spell List: All powers available except

greater healing, healing, and succor.


I think you skipped the second column and continued reading on the description for trappings.





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I did yes.

There is another source on magic, but it doesn't offer anything of note.

Homebrewing something in a system I don't know is definitely not what I want to do, there are a lot of possible imbalances in the game when base DC for near everything is four.

Currently the option I'm looking at is superpower summon ally and just create a few monsters of similar CR - so say you animate some water it's summon ally on a water elemental.

I can't fit experimentation increasing your adeptness in without artificially nerfing or buffing the already balanced system. Although really, any sort of learning mechanic along with XP is incompatible because you get two sorts of goals.


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You're a terrible DM, you should feel bad.


I still love you though.

10:53 PM - retech9691: I feel the need
10:53 PM - retech9691: To include many chasms in my story arc
10:53 PM - Resistance: You mean plotholes?


Remember, Remember, the 4th of November

RIP Dawngate ;-;

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Summon ally on a water elemental is a veteran power.

Master of your domain? I am Lord of the manor, Queen of the castle, King of the county!


Former moderator of the original Dungeoneering

Former moderator of Ye Olde Hegemony

Moderator of the remake of Dungeoneering

Former Empress of the Lichten Empire (Hegemony)

Former President of the United States (Hegemony)

Former Emporer of Imperial Japan (Hegemony)

Czarina Catherine of Imperial Russia (Hegemony



The only difference between a disagreement between friends, an argument between strangers, and a feud between enemies is the ability to reconcile.

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I would probably get a bodyguard, and swap out the construct traits for a few of the elemental traits. The invulnerable and such would not work.


It doesn't always have to be an elemental, such as if you're animating a tree to make an ent.


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Why did you make it in Excel, less-intensive on textedit. Look at the format that Retech/Archi used


Why is your charisma 6?


Agility 8 (2)

smarts 12 (4)

Strength 8 (2)

Spirit 8 (2)

Vigor (4)


Total: 14


You start with 5 attribute points, then 4 from advances and if you want you could get an extra two from hindrances totalling 11. But you have 14. EDIT: oh, I just realised you can only spend one advance on ability scores




Fighting 1

Knowledge 3

Notice 5

Imbuement 5


Total: 9

You have 15 to spend


Toughness is half vigor (6) + 2 (oh, +3, please write as 11 (3))

Parry is 4

Pace is right

Why is charisma 6? Base CHA is 0






5 points to allocate to attributes

15 points to allocate to skills

4 hindrance points, spent as such: cP8stwN.png

4 advances, spent as such: ZSB9hzN.png

You do not begin with edges, you must use your advance or hindrance points to buy them.


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Misunderstood the attributes because of a char gen I tried using at first

Smarts 12 (4)

Vigor 12 (4)

Strength 6 (1)

Agility 4 (0)

Spirit 4 (0)


And with Charisma I must have mistaken it with the base for pace.



Also I didn't really take the fighting skill, it's just locked on the sheet and I haven't bothered to remove it, though you managed to miss one of my skills, I had spent 14.


I've updated the sheet.





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Agility: 4 (0)

Smarts: 12 (4)

Strength: 6 (1)

Spirit: 6 (1)

Vigor: 12 (4)



Streetwise 6 (2)

Knowledge 8 (3)

Notice 12 (5)

Imbuement 12 (5)


Charisma: 0

Pace: 6

Parry: 4

Toughness: 11 (3)



Plate Corselet



Loyal (minor)

Enemy (minor)

Overconfident (Major)



Arcane Background (imbuement)

Wizard (imbuement)






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