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SoDB - Slayers of Dangerous Beasts

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¤¤ SoDB - Slayers of Dangerous Beasts ¤¤

Established 2006


About Us

Key Info: PvM, Skilling, Community

Language: English

Time Zones: All

Clan-chat: SoDB

Citadel: Tier 3

Clan Avatar: EXP Boost

Forum: http://s7.zetaboards.com/sodb



The Slayers of Dangerous Beasts started off in the summer of 2006 when four friends who were fighting the King Black Dragon came up with a way to bring monster hunters together. Since then, it has grown into a thriving community, with countless hours logged at every boss Runescape has to offer, from Nex to the Kalphite Queen. In recent years, we have spread our wings to encapsulate all aspects of the Runescape experience, and our members have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal to help support and enhance each other's gameplay. We are a growing community and are interested in anyone enthusiastic about growing with us!




SoDB has always been known for its inclusive and friendly environment, and we take great pride in nurturing enthusiastic monster-hunters. Most of our staff and older members are max combat and moving towards max/comp capes, and they are keen to share their top-level advice on all aspects on Runescape. However, our community has always focused on slaying dangerous beasts, so we do ask that new members meet our combat requirements. These aim to ensure that you will be getting as much as possible out of us, while not excluding those players that aren't yet near the gear/level requirements of other high-level clans. We have a lot to offer anyone that meets our requirements, and the higher-leveled you are, the more you will get out of us! If you want to talk to us about anything relating to our requirements or SoDB in general, our clan-chat is always open to guests, so pop in and talk to us. Failing that, feel free to message any of our staff members on these boards. :)


Our requirements stand as such:

Have at least 80+ Constitution/Melee/Range/Mage.

70 Prayer (Piety and Grave-blessing)

Barrows armour or better.

Basic PvM supplies.

Join our forum here, and post an introduction.

Read and agree to our Code of Conduct, found on our forums here.


What we want you to be aiming for:

Consistently improving your gear.

Chaotic Weapon(s)




Eventually, max combat, but a desire to raise your combat skills is the most important thing.



What do we offer?


A mature and friendly community.

Plenty of high-leveled, experienced Monster Hunters who are happy to chat and share their knowledge.

Events launched from both the forum and clan-chat.

Teaching trips to all bosses.

An active forum. Our forum has been active since 2006 and is a large part of our community.

A friendly clan-chat in which you can come and find teams for anything you wish to do, or just hang out and chat.

A council of experienced members that discuss and vote on key issues.

Presently, our Citadel is at tier 3, and we have an avatar with plenty of avatar wardens. Resource gathering at the citadel is not required, but all help is appreciated.


Key Rules

(Full Code of Conduct here.)

You must be 13+ to join SoDB.

You must follow the rules of Jagex and SoDB.

Be respectful of other clan members, regardless of levels.

No trolling, flaming, scamming etc. (Be mature.)


How to join

One you have read this thread and meet the requirements, head over to our forums here and post an introduction! Then come and join us in the clanchat, and once our staff have validated your admission, you will be added to the clan.


[spoiler=Current Staff]


Mr Tintin - Owner

Ryyy - Deputy Owner

Genewac - Deputy Owner



Quarra VII




Like a Ross





Event Organizers

Silent jake1





Thanks for reading! We hope to hear from you soon! :) We will try to respond as quickly as possible to any questions you have to ask, and will add them to our FAQ below.



How do I contact you?

So many ways! You can respond to this thread, message one of our staff-members on these or our forums, join the clan-chat, or pm a staff-member in-game.


Do we allow multi-clanning?

We're a community, so we're happy to have people in our clan-chat as guests and even to contribute on our forums. However, to be ranked in the clan, we expect more of a commitment. Ranking depends on activity in the clan-chat, activities with the clan, and activity in the citadel. It is also helpful to be active on our offsite forum.


Can I join the forum without being in the clan?

Yes, the forum is currently open to everyone. However, only our members get second chances, so don't misbehave!


What if I don't meet all the requirements?

Our clan-chat is open to guests, and the better to get to know us, the better disposed towards you we will be! If you're only falling slightly short in a couple of areas, and are active enough in the clan-chat and the forum, this may qualify you to join us anyway :)








Thanks to Quarra for the awesome sig!

Xbox360 Gamertag = Tintin113

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