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Diamond in the Rough


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Hello team Tip.it!


I was doing the Diamond in the Rough quest, and the 4th part in the quest guide, where we have to obtain the heaviest weight from the Het scales, we don't have to attempt the scaling again as we have already done the scaling of the Het scales in the prerequisite quest "Stolen Hearts". So instead of writing how to scale the weights, we just have to click on the Het scales to automatically obtain the item "Heavy weight". That's all...





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Heya Muharib and welcome to the tip.it forums :).


I noticed that myself and I believe another crew member mentioned it too, so it's nice to have some additional confirmation of it. I've went ahead and made the change to the guide, and credited you for your help.


I've closed this thread as it's all sorted now, but for anything else send me a pm or make a new threads.



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