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Thank you Stev

Far Quie

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I think sometimes that saying thank you to someone kind of gets lost, so today I thought I would post something here bout a guy who has helped me playing not only Runescape but with other things outside of Runescape.


So thank you Stev, now I know there is one member of the Tipit Forum who is going to probably start sending endless emails etc., sorry guys and gals lol.... (please forward your complaints to .....insert list)


I know there are numerous people on here , Runescape and outside the game and that they have asked for help and you have given them what they needed and sometimes at a price. I guess its nice to know that there are a handful of players on this game that can be trusted.


So thank you again for your help. I do appreciate it, I know countless others on this forum appreciate it and sometimes its nice just to hear it.

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One thing that really stands out to me about RuneScape over the years is that kind players always stand out. :)


It seems like Tiffers seem to make up a larger portion of them.


Not sure if threads like this are allowed as it could open players up to personal attacks but he'll see this either way. Haha.

RIP Michaelangelopolous
Thanks to cowboy14 for the pimp sig!

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The fact that he maintains DGSweeper as a free download is great. Considering its popularity, I'm sure he could have made quite a bit of money off it.


So thanks for making dg a bit less painful Stev.

Asmodean <3

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Notice: I've moved this from General Discussion to DGSweeper.




As for the topic itself, all I can really say is thank you. Honestly only try to help out. Money or any other reward has never really been an issue or interest of mine. I'm not doing anything different then anybody else... Everyone does what makes them happy and what makes them feel good. I like helping people, I like getting the thank-yous from strangers and friends, be it in in-game (with various things) or IRL. That's what makes me feel good, successful/accomplished, and happy. So I suppose it's kind of selfish? :P.


In any case, always glad to help. :).




I also believe the rest of the Tip.It staff shouldn't be left out. It amazes me watching the chats scroll by how much time and effort these guys and gals put in. From Crew, to Moderators, to Administrators... The amount of behind-the-scenes is astounding. And the way it's all kept organized and running smoothly is incredible. So, if anything, kudos to them. =D>


Especially my Cherry-Poo. <3


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Actually I have to agree with the Tipit crew and their incredible dedication to this site, I know I use it and it has become an invaluable tool for me on RS, I don't post a lot because well, I am lazy I guess, but no day goes by that I don't open up some info on here, so thank you guys and girls and definitely keep up the good work. I only recently joined Tipit, and was using another *cough cough* site, I wish now that I had come here a lot sooner.


Thanks team :razz:

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