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Charging the Runic Staff - how ?


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I all of a sudden got a strange problem with charging my Greater Runic Staff !


The problem:


Even though I have the required runes to set the (plank make) I can't figure out to set the spell as there is no option to charge the staff from the Ability Book - I'm only to select 'Cast plank make'


I think I have tried almost everything and now I'm starting to get a tad frustrated.


What is it that I'm doing wrong ?

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Right-Click the staff I believe.


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Right-Click the staff I believe.


Hi Sy


As always you're right !


However, I'm a 100% sure that I was only able to select 'Cast plank make' and, because the ''Charge-staff plank make' option wasn't there when I posted yesterday, but strangely enough it all worked when I tried today ! - even when I removed the charges and did it all over one more time to be sure.


Anyway, now it seems to be working again so I won't worry about it (until it happens again, that is !)

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