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Chances of an unbanning?


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A long time ago, maybe a couple or few years ago, I had a max combat account that got hacked and perma-banned. I recovered it after it was perma-banned and the hacker had already used both appeals to call Jagex a few choice words. After that, I basically just gave up and I never remembered what I changed the password to when I recovered it.


Now, years later, I re-recovered it and I'm wondering if I can appeal to Jagex somehow. I really didn't care about this account because I never liked bossing or max level pvping, but with the new EOC...my main has become almost boringly depressing. Any way I can contact Jagex about this?

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[email protected] would be your best chance, but even then the chances wouldn't be really high.


Just use it as a chance to appeal, and see what they say. If I was in that situation, that's what I'd try anyway.

Thanks. Wow, I just checked the timestamps on the appeals, was almost 4 years ago. Anyone have a similar experience with appealing in this situation?

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My old account, which I hadn't played for two years, was banned for account sharing/selling. I'd never shared my account or used anyone else's in my entire life, so the only logical explanation I can think of is someone hacked my account. When I recovered the account, and discovered it was perma-banned, I appealed to Jagex but they gave the standard reply of "clear evidence you were in control of the account" blah blah blah.


This was over three years ago, but it didn't go well for me. That probably doesn't make you feel better, but that's the truth.


I was filled with incandescent rage at the time, but I started a new account and surprised myself with how much faster I could train it, since I knew much better training methods than I'd used when training my old account.

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I had an account banned for [unknown legacy reason] with [no evidence to support the claim] in early 2004. I tried appealing at that time, then when the offense/blackmark system was upgraded, then via an account review thread in the forums.

All appeals were denied, stating that a permanent ban is not reversible. After the account review thread my account was also removed from the high-scores AND they changed the evidence description to tell they cannot show evidence (all those ~5-6 years prior is clearly stated no evidence was recorded). However, when I try to login to the game, it shows a temporary (long term) ban.

Best to give that account up, and wait until the timer expires. Unless the timer marks the end of RuneScape, which nears every second.

R.I.P. oO000oO0oO00, RS2 range pure transformed to a maxed PvM char in EoC, ten years of time completely wasted.
Good to be gone :)

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Unless the timer marks the end of RuneScape, which nears every second.


Oh shut up.

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