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After reading a few of the other DIY G&A's I decided to make one of my own. I made the account on the 6th of February 2013.


[spoiler=My DIY rules]

  • No trading (apart from the quest "Shield of Arrav" and "Heroes Quest").
  • No use of the Grand Exchange.
  • No picking up other peoples drops.
  • No use of the assist system.
  • All Jagex's rules.
  • I am allowed to use the SOF but I am not allowed to buy spins/runecoins.

[spoiler=Latest update]130608170638.png



[spoiler=Bank Pictures!]








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Well the nostalgia on the old school servers wore off after the first week of playing them. After I left the OSRS servers I stopped gaming for awhile. Decided to carry on with my DIYer since there really fun to play.


Got 100 total so far, not much of a bank and no quest points :(


Going to be doing some c2 fishing tomorrow for 25 fishing then I will be heading to the chicken coop for more feathers. Then I'll be fishing/cooking my trouts ready for training :D


Also staying F2P till I have all f2p stats 30, shouldn't take too long I don't think.




*Also added a bank picture to the first post*

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Indeed. I don't know if I could have the discipline to do it. I mean, there are some DIY elements to my gameplay, but I'd be too tempted to take the easy way out.

That's where the grinding part of 100% DIY comes from lol

All_My_Love.png Bun_Dem.png


max.png 50.png

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Well came back to RS today after a break, forgot my login email to the original DIYer I made so I made another one. Getting membership on Friday so I want to get as many F2P quests done as possible, I also want ALL trainable P2P stats to 5.

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Nicely done News Feed, Good luck and keep up the great work.


~ Zodiac's Gift - Of Armadyl ~


Thank you :)


Quick update;

Got 44 RC + managed to get nature talisman drop after tons of hobgoblin kills, then I had to go for the rest of the day.


Current stats:


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