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When auto alchers died..

I learned a cool trick recently, you get no randoms in pest control bank so people autoalch there, if you alch just east of the bank till you get a strange plant some of the popular alch bots run to click your plant as some sort of random prevention feature...


Then they go back to alching in that spot; where they get randoms, and swarm can kill them.

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It's the highest I've ever gotten it too, on EoC, i'm only like..76 I think

I could barely stand killing chompies for the quests, can't even imagine going for a hat.

An old player from 2004-2011. I'm back for the 2007 servers, let's see how long this lasts.

My account's display name used to be Sir Izenhime




Stupid Should Hurt

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Was just remembering yesterday how I got my first visage in 2011, and my next in 2012, so was thinking of hopping back to the main game to try and get a third visage.


Didn't have to go that far though :razz:






also teen titans, feeling like I'm 17 again lol


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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G, let me smith your dfire shield :razz:


Sell your dfire shield, buy another visage and I'll keep smithing. So much profit to be made O_O


I promise I won't charge much.


[brought to you by the Cult of the Sacred Crate]

17th to 99 Smithing OSRS

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