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Old School RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds!


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The last two lines of chat are mine. I got three whips this trip. One on kill 597, another on kill 660, and another on kill 674.


My luck is insane... :P

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RIP RU_Insane. August 3rd, 2005 - November 11th, 2012.


My Stats on Old School RuneScape: 

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i guess ill share this here too




mixing it up between hunter rc and mining, havent really decided which to settle with.

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[hide=Quest Complete]
Other perks of completing the quest that aren't listed:
-At 250 QP you can block an additional slayer task
-You don't need a greegree or M'speak amulet on Ape Atoll anymore (the dungeons are still dangerous though)
-Access to the Ape Atoll Gnome glider
-Access to the Ape Atoll bank

-Access to new chin spot
-100k combat exp from talking to Duke
-Gnome pod that gives unlimited teleports to the Grand Tree

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Checking out the new chinning spot from the quest



Was only getting 375k xp/hr at the traditional monkey skeletons so the new spot's better.


96-97 range

409.2k xp/hr
245k gp from picking up rune scimitars
3 range 21 prayer potions used
2,388 grey chins used
543,460 xp gained
227.6 xp/chin

medium fuse (rapid)

void and salve (ei) (turns out they aren't actually undead though)

eagle eye


They also drop a ton of 1-dose prayer potions. I'm killing them so fast it might be possible to survive solely on the prayer potion drops. If that's the case then I could just bring like 20 range pots and finish 99 range in a single trip.


edit: did another trip, yeah you can survive solely on the prayer potions they drop.

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the 98 range pic shows how I set up OSBuddy drops to make trips easier. I hide every drop on this list except for rune scimmies and prayer pots. I set it to highlight prayer potion(1) drops so they're easy to see in the massive drop piles and on the ground. I don't highlight rune scimmy drops because they're always at the top of the pile and I'll see plain white text on the ground if I get a drop.

due to the spot's popularity, I probably spent about 1M's worth of XP "duoing" with people who crashed me. They didn't know what they were doing so I'd have to show them how to position themselves with a "partner":


the best spot to use solo is the spot I used in the 98 range pic. just keep attacking the monkey 2 tiles west of you.

At 98 range with void and greys I'd get ~420k xp/hr solo and ~370k xp/hr while duoing with whoever was crashing me at the time.

Bringing a bone crusher gives you about 1 prayer XP for every 100 ranging XP. With the elite bone crusher it's 1 prayer XP per 50 ranging XP.

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Finished a small goal of 300 Barrows chests on my ironman for the time being




15 unique items, 21 items total

I also had at least 8.9m+ in runes, but I don't show them as they're not fully accurate with using death runes to Iban blast Barrows, as well as using some chaos on slayer

Not pictured is 3 d meds and a shit-ton of teeth keys, I've got 11 teeth to 1 loop banked :(

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[hide=Stats]Dragonkng198.png          Pumpking.png[/hide]




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Back to tif. Been up to no good. 



Got my little buddy here on 21 killcount, trying to unlock myself a dragon pickaxe. Those are my stats for today but i've had him for a while.



First zulrah kill, range only at 73. Note no food left :]

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