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Bakriminel bolts usable by which crossbow?


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In the tip-it guide on bakriminel bolts, it is clearly stated that these bolts can be used with a rune and/or chaotic crossbow.

However, can they also be used on other types of crossbow, like the dragon crossbow, the royal crossbow, the crossbow from demon flash mobs, another one that i might forget?


If not, it's a quite limiting use, especially since it also requires you to have 85 wc and 93 fletch.


Thanks in advance!


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That information is Pre Eoc, when the best crossbows were Chaotic and followed by Rune, and Royal could only use Royal Bolts.


Bakriminel bolts can now, as far as I can tell from the level requirement, only be fired from Chaotic and Royal crossbows

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