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Costume room access outside of your house, maybe in the bank

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could access your costume room box/wardrobe/cape rack/treasure chest from your bank interface?


On one hand it would decrease to go to your house even more than now but on the other hand, it will motivate you more to update to the best versions of each storage entity in your costume room.


I suggest this because there is something wrong when people just store these kind of items in their bank instead of in their house due to conveniance.


What do you think? It's a very small topic but still...



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I think no, to me the point of a costume room isn't outright instant access convenience it is the boon of being able to keep more of these armours sets and such to hand without eating bank space at the price of slightly harder to get too.


If you changed that it'd be a nail in the coffin on PoH and also make the costume room pointless, they could just give us bank spaces instead.

To me it's a nice design to have some boons, eg extra costume storage, that come at the cost of slightly decreased access compared to the bank.

In the same way the extensive fairy ring network is a great boon to getting around but at the cost of not being directly accessible unless you are near a ring and having to jump to Zanaris before you move on.


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Moved to RuneScape Suggestions.



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