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How did you hear about Runescape?


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How you heard about Runescape?

Why you still play it ? you love it that much?



in 2001, i found Runescape in Final Fantasy 7 forum, some people were asking about games like ff7, so one guy told us about RunEscape, jagex.com link.. yes some people used to call it Run Escape =p

there was no runescape.com, you have to goto jagex.com then play runescape



I love that kind of games, adventure games.

i selected adventurer when i started Runescape, got bronze hatchet and tinderbox. (was no tutorial)


and before FF7, i loved Knightmare II: Maze of Galious 1987 (MSX), the gameplay is like Dungeoneering in Runescape,

find keys open doors, kill bosses




so Runescape is mixed of my fave. games from my past.


i probably take a break for sometime from Runescape but i CAN'T QUIT =p

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Moved to Questionnaires.


Personally, I was introduced to RuneScape while visiting an old high school friend in Nova Scotia. He and his stepson played and they got me hooked. I continue to play because I find it relaxing. A lot of the skills really don't require a lot of thought, which is perfect after a long day of work.



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I'd have heard about it through a friend I made on the old Nintendo of Europe official forums. I remember thinking he must be professional at the game because he had a rune platebody and a scimitar.


I was 16 at the time, to be fair.

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I was riding the bus to school sometime around '04 and one of my friends who was a few years older than me told me about it. At that time Miniclip had it up so I remember going there and then starting to play it.

Finally on here to update that I have officially quit! It's been fun.
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This Icelandic "gaming" website (basically the Icelandic miniclip).

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I used to role play in various forums my friend started. I was looking for role playing but in like 3d and somehow ran across Tactics Core Arena. Then I started playing it online and someone started talking about RS. Then sometime later I ran across it in an internet search in 2005 when I couldn't remember the name of TAO but used my usually "online fantasy search" keywords in Google.


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nice, so still some people plays from 2002, 2004 and 2005..


my very first account was created on May 2001, then i quit for losing 200gb (took me ages to get it), i returned and made my current account on July 2001, two months from my 1st account

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I think it was September '05, still working my way into a new school. A friend at the time showed it to me at his house, kept playing more or less ever since.

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My sister showed me it in 2001 when I was really young, and we used to play together all the time :P After the transition to RS2 i pretty much stopped playing until 2010ish, but never fully quit.


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It was 2005! Was just browsing the internet on a Saturday morning and ran into it, crazy times, didn't know what to do so I managed to get myself a white apron and went to work in the food shop in Port Sarim, and sold people a white apron for 100 coins a go to join me, those were the days!

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I first heard of it from seeing a classmate playing it in 1st grade but i don't think i started playing it til 2nd grade.

The reason i love the game is for alot of reasons.


Firstly i only have a laptop so i can't really play that many client based games so runescape seems like a good choice.


Secondly its sort of a sandbox rpg which i love. (It's sandbox in the sense that you choose what to do like choosing which skills to train,what quests to do etc).


I also really like the quests since they differ from the typical kill x amount of monsters which i guess would be what slayer tasks are. There's so many different skills to train and things to do too.


IMO Runescape is the best browser game out there that i've played and i have played ALOT.

I could write something clever or witty down here but i'm too lazy to do that.


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