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Welcome to PvmDG :D


A clan set up in March 2013, we aim to provide a friendly and mature environment for both Pvm and DG activities.

Born from an old Dungeoneering clan, PvmDG was set up by a group of close friends who wanted to embrace the challenges of both Pvm and DG regularly. They set up the clan looking for a clean slate, around which they could forge new friendships and further strengthen old ones.


This clan will be a place for those who enjoy both Pvm & DG to join in with teams and floors; a place where people can share bossing strategies and celebrate rare drops, as well as offer Dungeoneering advice, enjoying fast floors and commiserating over hilarious deaths and tragic floor times.


Clan Entry Requirements:

  • At least 1900 Total
  • 90+ in all combat stats
  • A solid knowledge of both Pvm and DG techniques (support can be provided here)
  • The willingness to learn
  • A mature yet casual attitude - member should be able to appreciate a good joke now and then, but not become too carried away.

It is highly preferred that members have and can talk over Skype, as it is especially useful for teaching new members how to both Pvm and DG, where typing is far too slow to convey messages.


New clan members will be placed upon a two week trial period, where they will permanently remain a 1 Banana. However, within this period they can be formally invited to the clan at any time, becoming eligible to rank improvements and the like, or should negative circumstances arrive, further conversation with key ranks will occur, so as to establish the status quo.


(Clan ranking system explained upon the Official Clan Page on the RS website.)




We tend to go to most Bosses, either solo or in a team. Most GWD bosses are treated as solo, unless teaching members new to Pvm. Other bosses such as Nex and KK are team based. Nex teams have a maximum of 4-5 on a trip - greater numbers possible in masses.

Bosses we currently visit:

  • Nex
  • Saradomin GWD
  • Armadyl GWD
  • Bandos GWD
  • Zamorak GWD
  • Queen Black Dragon
  • Kalphite King
  • Dagganoth Kings
  • Corporeal Beast
  • Mole (some of us, anyway :P)

As for Dungeoneering, most of us are actively going for 120, so it is likely you will always find someone within the chat who is up for a floor or more!


We also do non Pvm/DG activities, our favourite being Castle Wars. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a few of the main events we take part in. In addition to this, we are friends with The T Bar (biggest clan in W119) so often we do joint events with them!

  • Castle Wars
  • Clan Wars
  • Fight Pits
  • Pest Control (because we always have someone in need of a new set of void)
  • Conquest
  • Soul Wars

If any of this interests you, hop into the PvmDG clan chat any time and feel free to ask any questions :)

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just dropping by to say good luck on future en-devours =)

iOwn.... (kinda)

2 year old account, Hoping to max before 3-year mark.

Drops - LOTS! =P

1500 total, 2000 total, 2200 total, 2400 total, 2496 total, 2595 total.

99s in order: 99 herblore, 99 firemaking, 99 cooking, 99 strength, 99 Constitution, 99 Attack, 99 ranged, 99 dungeoneering, 99 summoning, 99 fletching,

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Should have taken some screenies, everyone likes screenies! Everyone knows that you really don't read just for the articles :wink: .


Silly noob

xcsx7c.png | 3gliP.jpg | 51y5tv.png  |  8mO5K.jpg

A Blog to Bathtubs for Beginners
Quest Cape | 99 Defence Achieved 11-Jul-2011 17:41 | 99 Prayer 11-Jul-2012 | 99 Constitution 02-Aug-2012

99 Attack 31/10/2012 | 99 Dungeoneering 31/10/2012 | 99 Strength 31/10/2012 | 99 Magic 2/12/2012

99 Range 16/12/2012 | 99 Herblore 25/12/2012 | 99 Summoning 4/1/2013 | 99 Firemaking 6/3/2013

99 Farming 10/4/2013 | 99 Slayer 11/7/2013 | 99 Fletching 21/8/2013  |  99 Smithing 22/8/2013 

99 Crafting 19/12/2013  |  99 Cooking 15/1/2014  |  99 Agility 25/1/2014  |  99 Thieving 01/02/2014

99 Construction 21/04/2014  |  99 Woodcutting 04/03/2014  |  99 Fishing 17/04/2014  |  99 Mining 23/07/2015

99 Divination 27/07/2015  |  99 Runecrafting 20/08/2015  |  99 Hunter 20/08/2015  | Maxed 20/08/2015

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