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Using Cannon in OSRS?

Troll Bomber

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I can't remember if there's an efficient range level to start using it at, or if any level is alright. I'm only level 47 range and intend on primarily leveling range through cannoning slayer tasks. Wanted to make sure I wouldn't be "wasting" cannonballs with such a low range level.


Also, iirc, aren't your cannon's hits dependant on your attack bonus (even if it's a high melee attack bonus)?

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Ranged should only ever be trained using chins and cannon. Cannon to 99 slayer, which should get you at least 90 ranged, then chin to 99. Training ranged in any other manner is extremely inefficient.

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Cannon accuracy is based off your ranged level, your current combat style (stab/slash/crush/ranged) and your bonus in the combat style. Potions that boost your ranged level do have an effect on cannons.



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Whilst 2e may not be the best gauge of sanity, she is known to be pretty efficient and appears to be training ranged through cannoning even at poop stats low ranged.






I think we all know what this means.


Hoolahooping ahoy!


Level 47 ranged should do fine especially given your accuracy bonus and slayer monsters' generally low defences.


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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Actually cannon is far far MORE efficient than alternative styles at LOWER levels.


Think about it. You could have a slightly inaccurate extremely fast weapon that hits 30's... Or an extremely inaccurate weapon that hit's 3's.


That said, I disagree with hedge for 07 at the moment.


Cannon is only more efficient if you make a lot of money from stuff like nex. But in 07 the best money makers are significantly less, relative to the price of cannon balls. (And in this early stage of the game it'll probably be a while till you can do the best money makers) You could compromise and cannon something profitable such as dragons, but of course the XP would be a lot less.


Certainly cannon to 50-70, but after that cheaper methods may become more efficient depending on your money making options.


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Cannons aren't real useful until higher levels, specifically when you get to Duradel. You should cannon as much as possible before dura, but there aren't enough cannon tasks for it to be expensive. By the time you can use dura, you should be able to afford to cannon.

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