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TMHT April Calendar

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Week 1 (April 6th): No event


Week 2: Kalphite King

Our first KK event involved plenty of death, but no drygores. Now that he's been around for a while, though, we know how to kill him properly and this event should go swimmingly. This time around, we look forward to getting at least one drygore weapon, which means lots of profit for those who attend!



Week 3: Saradomin GWD

With the upcoming release of instanced-GWD and hard-mode bosses, we look forward to having loads of fun killing Zilyana and her minions. Hopefully she'll be nice enough to drop some of her valuable amulets for us!


Week 4: Armadyl GWD

Another GWD event to celebrate the upcoming update, this event will not disappoint. Armadyl is currently the most profitable GWD boss, so we hope to rake in the loot!


Happy Hunting!

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The host for the Saradomin event currently doesn't have internet access, so we are going to do it the same weekend as the Armadyl event. More information will follow next Monday or Tuesday.

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