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Just got internet again after moving to a new location and its been awhile so rusty on the game and this whole new combat systems new to me yet but I'll be alright ;)


Anyway, looking for a clan that isn't full of immature kids..... somewhere that no ones going to have a fit cause I said a naughty word. (Last I checked we have sensors for this people). Also one that isn't going to be up my arse about everything more or less just a place to enjoy company of other people and be able to receive or give help.


Char: Acidic Mist

Cmb: 162

Total: 1465


Atk: 78

Def: 79

Str: 81

Con: 80

Prayer: 69

Sum: 63


None of my skills are very impressive so won't even bother posting them.


I have been playing this game Off and On since RUNESCAPE CLASSIC. Most of you have never had the amazing pleasure of playing Classic so don't want to hear being called a newb from anyone. I've forgot more about this game then most of you will ever learn.... lol ;)

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Hey, Acidic! I'm from Zealot Gaming! We just made a Runescape Division at the moment. It only has 6 members as of right now on the forums. But, Zealot Gaming is also a multi-platform gaming community. We have over 450+ active members spread across 5+ different games! Let me know if you are interested. We accept all levels & skill levels.

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Hi Acidic Mist, I'm Lotus and I am from Clan Jaguar. We are the third oldest clan in runescape. I first would like to say welcome back. I know alot has changed in the game but trust me its not that bad. Everything is very easy to learn.


Being a member of Clan Jaguar I can tell you we do pride ourselves in being a very social, mature, out going and fun clan. We hold daily events that consist of combat such as pvm events to skilling events and mini games. Keep in mind you too can host events.


Aside from our clan chat we also have our own clan forum http://forums.clanjaguar.com/ as well as our own team speak channel. On our forum we talk about everything on runescape as well various other topics such as cooking, movies, music and other games to name a few.


If you would like to know more about joining Clan Jaguar feel free to respond on here and I will get back to you. Or you can visit our forum and apply. Whatever you decide, good luck!


Only requirement is you at least have to be 16 yrs old.

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House Divided, a relatively new clan started and ran by a 10+ year veteran, accepting new members who are looking for a family oriented, rule following, no restriction type home.


As the clan leader, I am still learning all there is to know about clans, and how to run one. We have 7 members to date. Looking for other like minded people who are looking for a clan they can call home. A clan that they can let there children be a part of and not worry about anything improper happening. There is only a couple requirements, and they are, follow the rules of RuneScape, and be considerate of others within the clan. I will be accepting members through this forum to start with, and then expanding from there. I would like help within the clan, and only ask that you contribute with whatever knowlegde you may have, and do your part within the clan.


Want to be part of the foundation of a new and helpful clan, please, submit your RS name here, and I will get in touch with you at my earliest chance, and contact you within RS or here on the forums to ask a few questions.


I have already established a Tier 1 citadel, and hope to grow slowly and learn along the way. Our home world is 36. P2P and F2P welcome, though prefer P2P so we can grow our citadel, and plan events/hunts.


Look forward to meeting new members!





Our official House Divided Clan forum. Please register and apply to our forum. Please be patient as we are still growing and all new registrations will need admin approval.


Thank you to Dmon Slaya for his incredible work on this forum. He has proved to be an invaluable clanmate.



King Jitb, Clan Leader, House Divided.


"Be the change you want to see in the world"

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