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So you want to join the Tip.it Crew?


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The Tip.It Crew is the team of people who work to maintain and update the Tip.It website to which this forum belongs - http://www.tip.it/runescape.

We often get people asking to join or how they would go about trying to join. This post was created to shed some light on the procedures we use when taking on new crew members.

Step 1. Ask yourself if any of the following aspects describes you, as you read and post on these forums:

  • You have an active role in the Website Updates & Corrections, and Website Discussion forums.
  • You like to research and double check your findings when you stumble upon something new in the game.
  • You notice when database or guide contents on the web site no longer match the actual in-game situation.
  • You feel the need to get old information on the web site updated.
  • You provide information and tips when someone asks a game related question on the forums.

Step 2. The following list describes what is asked of a crew member. Make sure that a crew position is indeed what you are looking for.

  • Tip.it is a non-profit organization, and all crew members, as well as all other types of staff members, are volunteers.
  • Once a week, and sometimes more, crew members will be assigned tasks. These task can range from updating a single item to creating a completely new guide for the site.
  • All crew members are asked to actually commit some time to do crew work, and meet deadlines.
  • Frequent communication and working as a team are a requirement.
  • Crew members are pro-active. Whenever there is some time to spare, crew members are encouraged to start their own projects, and improve upon the site where needed.
  • Crew members can take care of their own in-game funding when doing crew work. We do not expect our crew members to buy the most expensive items just to be prepared, but we do ask to bring your own PvM gear, for example, when working on a monster hunting guide.
  • Crew members are security aware. They know how to protect themselves against viruses and take proper precautions when storing passwords and other sensitive information.

Step 3. Check if you possesss one or more of the following skills, or are eager to learn that skill.

  • Know how to enter content on a web page, using HTML5.
  • Know how to apply styling to a web page, using CSS.
  • Know how to apply behaviour to a web page, using Javascript and the jQuery framework.
  • Know how to write rich web client applications, using Javascript and the jQuery framework.
  • Have a good writing skill, and know how to use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Have in-depth knowledge about certain aspects of the game.
  • Be willing and able to do research into new areas or aspects of the game.
  • Know how to take screen captures and crop them so that they can be used in guides.
  • Know how to edit images with a transparent background, such as used in the items database.
  • Know how to use Adobe Photoshop to edit maps.

Step 4. Check if you are interested in working on one or more of the following areas of the site.

  • Monster Hunting guides
  • Skill Guides
  • General Guides
  • Quest Guides
  • Calculators
  • Atlas and Maps
  • Bestiary Database
  • NPC Database
  • Items Database
  • Shops Database

If you think one or more aspects of these four steps apply to you, then there's a good chance we can use your help as a member of the site's Crew.

If you have further questions, or would like to apply for a position on crew, you can send a private message on this forum to the Crew Leader, . Please give a short motivation when you do.

We will have a quick look, and if everything seems to be in order you will be sent an application form via private message. Answer the questions on the form, adding detailed information and motivation where needed. To officially apply for a Crew position, return the completed application. We will try to give you an answer within a week.

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