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Looking for relaxing skilling clan

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I'm looking for a clan that is all about skilling and having fun. Here are some facts to help:

User: omgeveryone9

Status: F2P (semi regular)

Experience: Played from 2007 to 2011, took a break and returned in March 2013

Location: Europe (+1GMT)

current skills (as of 23rd of march 2013): attack lvl 34,strength lvl 32,defense 33, ranged lvl 25, prayer and magic lvl 30, mining and runecrafting lvl 42, constitution lvl 37, crafting lvl 44, smithing and fishing lvl 38, dungeoneering lvl 36, woodcutting lvl 47, firemaking lvl 49

Combat level: 69


If you need more info tell me

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Hello, omgeveryone9! Zealot Gaming is all about skilling, questing & all the good stuff. There are no requirements to join, except that you are 14+ years old. Any player of any dkill & combat level is allowed to join us!


Zealot Gaming is also a Multi-Platform Gaming Clan/Community that supports many games, such as LoL, DOTA 2, Counter Strike & whatnot!


If you are interested, contact me at..


In-Game: Ryeezyyy

Steam: [zG[ Ryeezyyy | zealotgaming.com

Skype: ryeezyyy

Xfire: Ryeezyyy

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