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Dungeoneering Questions - As a Skiller


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So, I know it's possible to get dungeoneering up without using combat, but my question is: What do you do?


Obviously your skilling levels should be decent, but what is considered decent?


What do you do while your team-mates are going through the rooms?


Anyone know of any good dungeoneering clans that would accept skillers?




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In terms of efficiency it is never efficient to have a skiller on the team. WIthout combat skills you pretty much just leech. If some nearby rooms are cleared or they tell you ggs is safe you can farm / make ragers / make armour / make food, in order of semi-importance (but it really doesn't matter much). Obviously you farm lyco/winter's grip to make potions for 100+ rooms. You can also make melee potions and rejuvs. An altar is also made when you can.


You can't solo at all. I recommend just using the free leeching friend's chat which can be found on RSoF. You need 150 combat for that fc.

I think you have some alternatives like Relaxed Dung and another similar one I don't remember.




Decent means can make normal potions/farm magebane (mid 60s herb/farm?), can make altar (75 con), can make ~gorg+ armour (80 mine, ~86+ smith) and at least 80+ fishing/cooking.


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I read you are f2p in another thread so your best bet is 85flyingcat FC, this is setup in f2p specifically for skillers and the xp rates can average around 120k/hr or even higher depending on who the combats are.

Most of the people in the FC reside in the clan Dg family.

As for stats, you might want 54 runecrafting to make law runes, other than that the FC is perfectly fine with you chilling at home the whole floor (just don't afk).



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