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Number of Nats p/hr in Abyss


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Yo, I'm averaging around 1,500 nature runes per hour crafting in the abyss; I have access to only the small, medium, and large pouches at the moment.


Does anyone know what I should be getting? I feel like I'm being too slow to get a good rate of RC experience or money.

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If you want to be quick I would suggest using Mousekeys and buying up a few Super Energy pots to keep yourself going.


I found that simply walking to the Abyss is too slow and generally not worth it. Especially since a while ago I was PKed twice while I was Abyss RCing Natures.


Goals: 155/175 QP

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How much super energy do you guys use per abyss run?


I grab one regular energy potion (3 dose) on every run. (take it out of the bank and drink it while running)


Once every 10 or so runs, I might need to take 2 pots out if my luck was especially crap with abyss spawns

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