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[07] the british elites

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The British Elites




The British Elites 2007 are back, and we are Recruiting.

The requirements are 70 combat as well as friendliness , maturity and be able to make gtm based events.

The combat level will raise as more people will be getting higher combat.


Join us in game by using tbecc clan chat.

Join us on the website http://www.forums.britishelites.com .

Join us on IRC #tbe lobby .


What do we do?


We are offering a variety of events in the clan. Some events that make money, some to work towards rewards, some combat based, some skilled based, some just to have fun and not to forget PK events and wars.

We also have a unique mentor-system to make sure all the members feel welcome as soon as they step into our clan. Our more experienced members also called Elite members, will guide new applicants trough all the important steps of being in the clan. They provide a friendly first contact for you to ask any questions, ask runescape advice and get training on any event which you’d like to attend but perhaps don’t have the confidence/ training to do so. They will also introduce you to other like minded players so that you can make many solid friendships.

Within the event calendar month, each member is expected to have attended at least six events. With the myriad of different events this should be easy to achieve. We have this expectation to ensure the clan is always active.




If you do still have any question?

Go ahead and join the clan chat Tbecc in game.

Or you can join #tbe_lobby and ask for help

you can also add oli50 in game for more information or questions.


Thank you


The British Elites

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