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Where do you train melee?


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I'm just curious where everyone trains, it doesn't have to be the "most efficient" place ever, just where you typically like to train.


Recently I've been training at Giant Spiders in the 3rd level of Security Stronghold, they're aggressive for about 10 minutes and I'm able to completely afk the full 10 minutes at my defense level. I'll often just come back 10+ minutes later to find myself logged out, log back in, heal and pot, reset their aggro, go afk again. :)


I'm thinking about trying out monkey guards though, they effectively have infinite life if you get 2 of them close to you and alternate between damaging them so they can heal, and they are literally right next to an altar, only reservation is that they have rather high defense and the minor inconvenience of a nearby poison spider (but i believe it loses aggressiveness after a while?)


You can also purposefully lower your DPS (wear holy amulet instead of fury, don't pot, no offensive prayers etc.) so you can AFK on 1 with protection from melee for as long as your prayer lasts. Unless you're high level you don't have to nerf yourself much if at all as they heal fairly rapidly. :)


Oh! And I'm also considering dharoking thzaar creatures, i figure If i use rockcake, i can 1hp them with protect from melee and then geniously, I can run into fight caves and very quickly kill myself for full prayer and special attack energy (DBA), free prayer and super strength!


Phew. Ok, your turn.


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Theres a 3 minute gap from when you die in fight caves until you can go in again, the other two methods are pretty common from what I remember training melee in 07.


This time around I've only done slayer so can't really speak on camping spots.


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I gave thzaar a test run and it seems like it's 2 minute limit, at least that's what the guy at cave says (Could very well mean 2 minutes 59 seconds though)


Shame. I mean, I can still just kill stuff for 3 minutes with some prayer flicking or not using piety, but it is kinda offputting and puts the tactic as a whole a little less appealing


I DID just get a cape while testing though in less than 10 kills :D I may train there anyway but just prayer flick instead of using the caves all the time. :)


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On my staker I trained via rock crabs, but on my main account I'm planning on doing mostly slayer, at least until 85, at which point I think I'll probably stop and grind the rest out at the ape atoll skeletons.

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Been training at flesh crawlers to 60 attack. It's not so bad and if you can be bothered to bank a bit the drops add up (noted iron ore, fire runes, herbs).

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Sounds interesting, but these days how many people really speak Pirate?

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