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Mic making static noise when saying specific letters


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I have recently started making Runescape commentaries which I find really enjoyful. However, I have a small problem with my mic when I say specific letters like "P". Whenever I say words with the "P" in it, the mic is making static noises which is really annoying, both for me and my viewers.


I'm using a headset. May this be the problem? Should I get a stand-up mic, and not use the mic on my headset? Any suggestion on what mic I should get? Would really appreciate it!

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Are you sure you aren't accidentely (unknowingly) blowing into the mic?

Yeah I'm sure his P's are too hard.


Try softening them a little.


It will help you to do this irl too. Even if you don't spit when you say your P's, it'll still sound prettier.

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