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The Land of Guthix is a Brand New Site. Well not Brand...




The Land of Guthix (LofG) started out about a year or two ago as a forumer forum. Since Then It has been taken over and is now moved on to professionalism. We are currently in the process of working on the fansite with numerous guides for you and the forums are open for your convinience.




Come Help Bring the Community Back!




Join Today!




Click Here For The Forums!






Click Here for the Website!





Working on Getting All My Skills Ranked ^^

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Erratic - est 2007



Erratic are a gaming community that prides itself on attitude and fair play, Erratic was first established in August 2007 as just a counter strike source team. We have since expanded in the source scene and are looking to venture into new areas of gaming, In both competitive and casual styles of gaming. If you wish to join our community as a team, please Pm one of our leaders to see what we can offer each other, if you wish to join as a player, please visit our forums at www.Erratic-Gaming.co.uk and post in the appropriate section, We are always on the lookout to add to our ever growing community.


E. The main team, consisting of at least 5 players, led by Dames, E. Compete at lans and in a variety of cups and leagues.


E| Led by Mofo, the secondary team which also competes at a similar level with players who arent on quite as much.


Ec| The community team led by Sloweh, players who are slightly more active than the public players, and like to play mixes and matches.


Ep. The public team, led by Mylez, players who cant make up the hours as well, and are less active. The public team will be the biggest once fully established!


These are just a few notes to make things clear about what we expect our members to adhere to.




1, ABSOLUTELY NO RACISM OR HACKING/CHEATING OF ANY KIND, NO MATTER WHERE IT MAY BE OR HOWEVER SMALL ( Both of these if found will result in a instant kick from the Community, no second chances, no nothing, you bring that [cabbage] under our name and you are out, SIMPLE AS )




2, After being accepted into our community, we expect you to show your support to our community by wearing our tags on your name, preferable in game and out, but certainly in game ESPECIALLY on any of our servers, if you wish to tag up out of game a simple #erraticgaming like many members already have will suffice, and clearly in game you will be fronting the Ep. Tag at the start of your name.




3, Following on from the above, now you are in our community we expect you to show everybody the same level of attitude and maturity that you would in turn hope to receive, now this goes without saying for our own Servers/forums/site/vent ect, but we also enforce this onto other sites such as enemydown and KGL league, this way, it helps us build and improve on our reputation and thats really all a clan/community can have online, a phrase that springs to mind is " Reputations take a life time to build, and only a second to shatter" ( that may not be right but you get where i am coming from ), by this we are implying that we wish to build our reputation up as a friendly, easy going, mature community where we welcome all types of people from all different background in game and out. So if we find out that you are bad mouthing people in any way shape or form that can relate back to our community or our community's rep coming into question you will be out.




This may seem "gay, stupid, OTT not needed far to serious ect", but the bottom line is, if you don't like it, lump it... We are a relaxed community and more mature, but we still, like everything else, need rules and boundaries for us to carry on expanding and developing at the rate we have.

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Hello all! Me and my friend have created a great new site where you can buy and sell all of your RuneScape items! It is essentially a merchanting site. It is run by ProBoards. \'




Here is the link: http://www.runescapemerchant.proboards.com




Thanks and we hope to see you there! :thumbsup:

Please visit my new account found

here for stats and other info.


My New Account

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BeyondGFX - A new Graphics Community




Looking for a new community dedicated to Graphics? BeyondGFX might just be your answer. BeyondGFX was actually just created earlier this month. Though it has been a work in progress for almost a year! Let me fill you in on the history of the website:




Back in about July 2008 I had a fascination with WebDesign. I wasn't very keen on the 'coding' side of things but rather the 'design' side. I learned a few initial designs through tutorials and implemented the skills I learnt into one final design which is the template used on this website right now. I was fairly proud of my design and wanted to see it in action. However I wasn't eager to learn the knowledge required to turn my template into a website.




Initially planned to be a Portfolio for both my friend and I though that didn't happen. He was no longer interested in Graphics and I felt saddened in a way. Not just the fact that we were in this together, but because I thought he was really good at what he did. His decision halted the website and I forgot about it for quite some time. It was always in the back of my head to work on the website but I didn't have the motivation. Until recently.




It's now about late March or Early April 2009. My friend, Sam and my other friend Matt recently collaborated and made a design. I'll be honest, I thought it was pretty spectacular. I was feeling pretty inspired. I actually hadn't really known Matt until a few days later I decided to add him on MSN in seek of knowledge on WebDesign. Basically Sam was a bit of an inspiration for design as well as a few other friends of mine. But Matt and another friend of mine, Davis, were lifesavers when it came to coding. They were both very knowledgeable in both HTML and CSS.




So there I was, learning the basics before continuing to the more advanced stuff when Ronnie, another friend of mine who was orginally planning to work on the portfolio with me decides to ask me what I needed help with. See, I had told friends I needed help with some CSS. I explained and he said "Would you like me to code it for you?". Of course I agreed and he did. I never knew he was into this stuff so the fact that he was so good at it amazed me.








That is how the website came to be how it is today. What exactly can we offer? Well here are just some of the things BeyondGFX can offer to upcoming artists:




- Tutorials, C4D's, Stocks, Wireframes, Renders and other resources


- The ability to show off your work for critique by forum members


- Access to all Contests, competitions & the right to challenge someone to a battle.


- GFX Discussion. Get advice and help to improve your skills.




And of course members not interested in graphics can still talk about pretty much anything (within reason). We also have a couple of rules which need to be obeyed:




    [*:3ruq4l0z]Constructive Criticism ONLY. Please try to refrain from personal attacks or just pointing out the negatives. I know this can be a bit hard because I tend to do this myself sometimes.
    [*:3ruq4l0z]NO RIPPING. I cannot stress this enough! Ripping is both disrespectful to the original artist and downright stupid. I'm sure you would not appreciate the humour in someone ripping your hard work.
    [*:3ruq4l0z]No personal attacks or flaming.
    [*:3ruq4l0z]No mature content. This is a PG forum, we don't want porn posted everywhere.
    [*:3ruq4l0z]Spam? Don't even think about it.
    [*:3ruq4l0z]Watch your language. We mean it.
    [*:3ruq4l0z]Make sure you have full posting rights of the resources you are posting. Unless you are linking to a DeviantART Page or something similar. Or you have made the resources yourself
    [*:3ruq4l0z]Respect the staff. Want to try get on our bad side? Lets see where that leads, shall we?










You can visit the website here and the forums here. At the moment, I don't have a .com domain. This is only because the website is still new and I am waiting to see if I get enough traffic and visitors. The website is where you can view my portfolio amongst other things. As for the forum, it isn't limited to just Graphics talk. There is a whole section dedicated to Off-Topic and general chit-chat. I am also looking for other artists who are interested in joining me with the portfolio. If you are interested, register on the forums and contact me somehow, please :)




The website is obviously new so we don't have an incredibly large community. That is why I am here today, trying to advertise and build up a community. If you are interested in joining the community, please don't hesitate :D

Avatar by Unoalexi :: Signature by Skull_Emblem

Illumination Graphics :: Click here to download the BeyondGFX resource pack!



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RuneTrack is a website dedicated to tracking and analyzing RuneScape experience gains with powerful applications and tools.




Click to visit: RuneTrack.com




Dynamic Signatures: Includes goal bars and stat signatures:








Individual Tracking: Once you enter your username into the RuneTrack database, it automatically sets up your own User Profile and records a daily snapshot of your RuneScape stats. View an assortment of tracking statistics for your xp, level, and rank gains, pinpoint exact xp change data for any previous day, view graphs displaying your average xp gains in any skill, and much more.




Global Tracking: A global comparison of how you stack up against other RuneTrack members.




Here's some assorted screenshots of just some of the site's features:








Click to visit: RuneTrack.com

RuneTrack.com Founder

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Use http://www.bpled.com instead of Google (Yahoo, Altavista whatever) and you'll save some precious energy. After all, it's up to us to care for the environment, right?




Do some more for the environment, Make bpled your homepage at your Work and Home




Remeber: You can make difference.






Thank you.

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Monster Raids: Unlocked




Monster Raids: Unlocked is a site dedicated to helping you find a partner or a group to raid the high level monster in RuneScape.




For example if you wanted to go the King Black Dragon and you wanted some people you could come here and make a request. Then




other users would apply to your request and you would either accept or decline them. Lets say you were looking for a group you




could come here and just browse to find a group.










Add this code to your signature





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Read my guide on Merchanting for Beginners








I started with 15M and now have over 300M from merchanting

................................[Currently Have - 1300M].................................


My Beginner's Merchanting Guide - My Youtube Channel - My Twitter

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hey guys, some of you may know me from around Runescape or my many years here on the forums. I recently have started up a youtube channel between me and my best friend from highschool. We are doing many things with the channel but our primary objective is doing game playthroughs with live commentary. If you look around youtube you'll find many people that do this. We use a device to record the video and audio from the game and another device we are using to record live commentary to catch all of our reactions in the game. Currrently we have a full playthrough of Bioshock we have uploaded and are working on Luigi's Mansion (an underrated game by far!). So if your ever boreed and looking to kill some time, check it out, subscribe, and pitch me ideas of games you think we should do!:












Hi everybody, this is the youtube channel for my band, infinity on trial, I founded the band a few months back and we've been working on a few songs. Currently we have two original songs (Martyrs, and Rectify) and a cover of Demon(s) by Darkest Hour. This is probably my favorite hobby at the moment, working with my band, so I'd be thankful if you'd check it out and give me some feedback. Keep in mind if you do not have anything constructive to say then don't waste my time as well as if you don't like Metal AT ALL don't listen to it, we tried to take a more "Killswitch Engage" style to our music so I think it will appeal to others as well as hardcore heavy metal fans as it includes by hard hitting parts and slow melodies.We also don't stick to any single time signature because thats very boring, the intro to martyrs is in two different time signatures. The recording quality is rather poor on the videos but you get the gist of it.




The Recordings on our myspace are much higher quality (still not perfect) but we recorded those with a homebrew recording studio we set up. Rectify is still in the early stages but Demon(s) and Martyrs are pretty much set in stone at this point.




so check it out if you would and let me know what you think :thumbsup:














I do the vocals by the way

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Visit my site/forum... I would appreciate it, you don't even need to sign up to just have a look around. It promotes open source stuff (games and programs) and will have stuff I made myself on there. Its also free so please visit (I need some traffic and its ad free and I hope it stays that way for a while). Thanks :thumbsup:




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we offer runescape help, a freindly runescape forum, runescape blog hosting, and we offer a special feature which allows you to create and manage a runescape clan, with this you can have your very own private clan forum, assign ranks, post clan news, and remove/add members, plus more... take a look, runevault.net/clans, you must register on the forum to create a clan.

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Use http://www.bpled.com instead of Google (Yahoo, Altavista whatever) and you'll save some precious energy. After all, it's up to us to care for the environment, right?




Do some more for the environment, Make bpled your homepage at your Work and Home




Remeber: You can make difference.






Thank you.




Actually, using that can actually increase your energy use, not reduce. Besides, don't use that eco-crap when it's something as simple as a background color. If you're that worried about the environment, then turn your computer off.




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Hey guys, me and a few friends (non tifers, or rsers) have a gaming website full of homemade games.


Sadly, not many people know about it :( but it would be great if you could take a look. The games are brilliant quality, and all 3 of us don't believe in graphics making games, so no amazing graphics but dont be put off. The games run on windows 98-Vista (no mac or linux sadly) Also after playing the games if you could spread the word with a few mates- We really want this site to be well known.


There are retro rpgs, puzzlers and games that really make you think about real-life topics. Again, it would be great if you could have a look










A few gameplay vids of the games that are up there:












2,274th person to 99 mining

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