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Hey everybody, about a week ago i ventured into the website master business. 7 days later i am the proud owner of the [pretty much] finished website. irhate.com




Contrary to first thoughts the website does not discuss serious hate issues such as racism. However, it does discuss those little niggles that we all get when doing something. For example: Some people hate it when other people click their pens in an exam. Graffiti or even the microwave timer not being set to 0 when something is finished! Anything!




The url is simply http://www.irhate.com - feel free to come and take a look around, join our forums and submit articles through the contact section.




As you can clearly see, the content at the moment is jibberish (i'm sure it's some language) so i'll be working on the site to get the content ready within the next few days.






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this a tightnit community of for now, mainly DS player, but it is has forums for ruenscape, xbox, psp, and other systems. The forum administrator is Yeti, and some of the moderators are Skullz, wheelz, and Windofnightmares. As soon as we get enough users, Yeti will be moving the site to a dotcom name, and hopefully we willl grow as large as tip.it!

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Hello users of Tip.It!




I've been seeing a lot of very skilled non-members lately. I asked one of my high leveled friends who happens to be f2p if there was something like an IRC channel for Non-members. He told me that there weren't any he knew of. I asked if there was a forum for them; again, he said no. I became really surprised at this.




Now, the people who know me very well know that although I'm a member, I have a very strong love for F2P and I admire the high-lvled players who continue to work in that kind of environment. I wanted there to be a big society filled with all those people, where everyone can share tips, tricks, experiences, laughter, items, and efficient methods of leveling up in F2P stats.




That's why I made The F2P Marketplace. I only made it last night and there are only two members at the moment, but I really would like for it to blossom into a sort of watering hole for non-members.




The requirements to sign up to this website aren't too bad; 85+ combat as well as 850+ total (can't be one or the other), and you must be a TOTAL non-member.




The link:








And please, people - if you're a member but you have very skilled non-member friends, I seriously urge you to tell them about this place if they meet the requirements. The more f2pers, the merrier! Very Happy




Thanks to all of you for helping out!

~I Am A Bahai~

.:100% F2P for life:.



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Hay every one!


I am new here but its a pritty good forum!


I am a runescape player, i quit for a few months for a rest but


i have my own forum and web site, do you have a forumor/and web site?


I am a forum made by ForumUp


To make one there is easy, if you want to join it then PM


me for the link, so.... do you have a forum?




Dan - DF Admin.


(DF = Dan's Forums).

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Game Play Trailer - http://rappelz.gpotato.com/images/movie/rappelz_playing.wmv




Rappelz world was being kept in order by the two elements, creation and extinction. There were two gods who were in charge of those two elements that were more respected and trusted than other gods. They thought the human race was too ignorant to develop its own civilization so they sent the Deva and Asura to assist the human race. The Deva represented lightness and the Asura represented darkness.


After some ups and downs, the Gaia-human being-became settled. The story begin......
















































General Infromation and Registration




1. Where do I register to play the game?




You can register by going to the following URL: http://www.gpotato.com/register/index.php




2. Will this game be FREE forever?




Yes. Don?t let anyone tell you otherwise.




3. Where do I download the game?




The game client is currently unavailable until the server is up in late September. When the game launches in September you will be able to download the game client from our Rappelz website at http://rappelz.gpotato.com/download.




4. I have an account in Flyff and SCO. Do I need to register again to play Rappelz?




No! You don?t need to register again, your account in Flyff and SCO will work in Rappelz, so you can go right on ahead and download and start playing without filling out any more forms.




5. I didn?t get my activation letter!




Since you only have three hours from when you create the account to activate it, the account has most likely already been deleted. You should go back to: http://flyff.gpotato.com/support/register_agreement.php and try again. There are three possible reasons that you might not get the activation email:




Your email provider may be blocking gala-net.com with its spam blocker. [update]




Your email provider is experiencing delays. This is a common problem with international email.




Earthlink has a special spam filter that forces people sending emails to Earthlink users to go to a website and provide a reason they?re sending the email. Our system cannot do this automatically. You will have to allow emails from the @gala-net.com domain in through your control panel.


If you continue to experience these problems, you might want to try setting up an account with a free email provider (such as Yahoo Mail or Hotmail) and try again, and then register your new account to the new email.




By the way, if your account still exists for some reason, my recommendation is to create a new account under a different email. Your account name is not seen by players, (except for on the message boards) so it does not matter what it is.




6. Why aren?t signatures working on the message board?




Signatures have been deactivated for now.




7. I?m trying to create an account, but my username is invalid.




Your username must be all lowercase, and may only contain letters and numbers.

Click here to help me level!


Thanks for the help!

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I have found this most excellent cool new game called rakion (http://www.rakion.net).




It is technically an RPG, but is a very action and skill based RPG - think counterstrike with swords and magic and archers and dragons. Its player vs player, with some mission co-op modes also.




Want to be a mage and shoot meteors at enemies? and shoot a massive pillar of ice?


Want to be an archer, and test ur micro with super good aiming - hitting all ur enemies as they run in terror?


Want to be a massive blacksmith? And weild the biggest hammer to exist? And go around smashing your enemies to death?


Wanna be a ninja? and glide around stealthily and unleash the most powerful attack in the game?




THis is a most excellent game and worth the download - i would strongly recommend it to EVERYONE for playing.




>>>> http://www.rakion.net <<<<




(its made by the same people that made gunbound - but is about 10 times better !!)




and a cool community for this game: http://www.rakion.org

rs name: michaeln3b

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i don't trust this site my friend gave to me can anyone go on it and check it out, post back if you know whats on it and if its safe ( do this at your own risk i dunno what it is ) he said it was for halloween music im not sure though :?: wowmg.com on google he said.

! ~_1 h1t loL_~ !


pie is nommy k

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