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Clan The Dregs Recruitment topic (no reqs, weekly events, active, sociable community)

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I. Introduction
II. Requirements
III. General information
IV. Who's in charge?
V. Rules
VI. What we're looking for
VII. What we offer
VIII. How to join
IX. Other

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After reading the other clan forum threads, I won’t waste your time with tons of words (if you are going to read their whole threads, you have a lot to do today). I'll just tell you what is important.

The 10 or so of us who are creating this clan have been friends for years and are just now recreating our old clan. We are friendly, mostly high leveled, helpful, and goofy at times. We want those kinds of people in our clan. We're a sociable clan with an active clan chat whenever our members are online. We want to grow as big as possible, while maintaining a solid, active and friendly community. For this, we’ll need your help!

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There are no level requirements in our clan. However we're looking for dedicated members who will be an added value towards our community, active in-game and at our weekly clan events, and who will take the time to work a couple of hours a week in our Citadel to keep it in shape. The other things we expect of our members can be found in the rules section of this topic (V).

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Home worlds
P2P: 58

Clan cape: You can get it at Clan Camp once you joined.

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Clan Chat: Dregs(join us here to say hello when you'd like to apply :))
Memberlist can be found at the top of this thread.

Official clan forum: http://dregs.b1.jcink.com/

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/r1prspk1ng

(as we only just started yet there are only videos about my former clan here, but they can give you an image about what you can expect in the future!)

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The leaders of The Dregs are:

Buck Off


The officers of The Dregs are:

Slayer Kid

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In short, the big four rules are:

1. Be active on the chat;
2. Attend in-game events whenever you can;
3. Be respectful and helpful towards other members;
4. Follow the in-game rules!

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We're looking for friendly new members who are active on the forums and the clan chat. Preserving an active community is of utmost importance. Being active not only means that you play the game on a regular basis, but also attend events whenever possible.

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We offer you:

- A great clan community with helpful members

as well as weekly activities such as:

- Pk Trips

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- Clan wars (later on)

- F2P and P2P minigames

(Castle Wars, Pest Control, Great Orb Project, Duel Arena, Barrows, Barbarian Assault, Tzhaar Fight Pit, Agility Arena, Fishing Trawler, Stealing Creation, Pyramid Plunder, Penguin hide and seek...)

- Achievement parties (99 parties, Birthday Parties, drop parties, house parties,...)

- Competitions(In game competions like a RuneScape quiz, Hide 'n seek, races, Scavenger hunts, Skill competitions...

- Boss hunts (Kalphite Queen, God Wars, Chaos Elemental, King Black Dragon,...)

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- And More!

You're welcome to host your own events too! In fact, we really encourage you to do so. It'd mean a great boost to our wonderful community.

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If you want to join, post here or join the clan chat Dregs. After being invited, visit the clan forum at http://dregs.b1.jcink.com/. Introduce yourself, take a look at the guides, and then join us in game for some fun.
If you want to contact a leader, PM Brockle or Buck Off. We'd be glad to help. You can always contact any clan member to get an in-game invitation.

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If you have any questions, join our clan chat: Dregs. Our members will gladly help you out. We're also looking for clan friends and allies, so if you just want to check out or progress from time to time without having to join the clan, you can apply as clan friend. Feel free to add me to your friends list (Mr Jehowi) and I'll hope to see you soon in our clan!

~ Wim~

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