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Da Shark Age

3 small questions!

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hey there! I'm new and I have a few questions :P


1) What's the name of the tip it clan chat?

2) Does tip it have a home world?

3) If I wanna start an old school blog, in what section do I put it?




-Sharkie ^^



Back to the roots : '07 Runescape

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Welcome to Tip.It! :)


1. Tip.It doesn't have an official clan chat, however many TIFers tend to use "serpent eye" friends chat.

2. World 99 is the members home world, I think 7 is the free to play home world still. Been a while :P

3. You can post any blogs here as that tends to get more views than the "community blogs" bit that you can see at the top of the forum :P

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You can also find many of the chatters in "serpent eye" 's chat also use world 119 or 60. However 99 is the officialy tip.it home world

Welcome :)

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