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What kind of RS videos to make and what to talk about?


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Hello guys!


I started making Runescape commentaries a week ago and I really enjoy it. The only problem is that I struggle to find out what RS videos I should make. Should I make boss videos? PK videos? Also I struggle to find out what to talk about. What are people really interested in? Should I talk about the actual game or should I talk about something from IRL?


I'm speaking non-stop when making these videos, but I have to re-record many times because I suddenly have no idea what to say. And I do my best to prepare my speech before making the vids.


If you wanna help me and tell me what I should improve I would be really happy if you could watch my videos on my channel:




I don't try to advertise or something, I just wanna have some tips on how to improve my videos, and what RS videos I should make and what to talk about. If it's illegal to post a link to my Youtube channel please remove the link.


Thank you! :)

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I would suggest looking at what other famous RS YouTubers vid about. I think most people like watching boss hunting videos and pking videos.

For recording I would suggest just recording then later going back and do a voice over of what happens, adding snips of interest convo you may have had. That way you won't have to keep recording over and over again. Instead you can prepare a speech afterwards.


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What polar said.

Also, you should take a look at "Alkan" even though he's super mainstream. He records Runescape and talks about IRL stuff and RS stuff in the same video which is obviously a hit with the viewers.


Some ideas:

- Bank Video

- Progress videos (Road to 'x')

- PvMing in general/boss guides

- Skill Guides

- Quest guides

- Reviews of updates (usually are made within the same day as an update)

- IRL talk whilst playing Runescape


Good luck

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Talking about your personal life and telling funny stories is probably the easiest way to keep subscribers entertained. Reviewing/talking about popular topics on Runescape Fansites or even RSOF could also be a good idea.


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There is a big hole in the market of video making: updates.

With omar gone, no one shows the new solomonstore stuff, the latest content updates in the game and squeel prices.

If you have good knowledge of this game this might be your subject.

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